By: Rob Hess

The tide begins to draw back in

Ocean breaks on shores again

Blood soaked corners within my mind

Wounds that I can never find

Tie me down on chains that bind

On muddied oceans I fall in time

Adrift and lost without a care

Life seems no longer fair

Time and time and time again

I find myself committing sin

To whom my life may concern

I've lost all hope,

Cold shoulders turned

And as the ocean breaks on shores

My wrist is where the ocean pours

As I drift of into sleep

I have no hopes, no wish, no dreams

Muddied oceans brought me here

Adrift at life I do not care

Another shore I wash upon

Dawn breaks and pain moves on

Another day,

Another hate,

For the life I live, I know my fate

No bandage on to hide my wounds,

My mind desperately consumed

I drink for none and die for all

My life here held nothing at all

Pointless by those who saw me drift ashore

And made no call

Help is all I ever wanted

But muddied oceans had strong currents

Tonight I die for all to see,

And never again will I be me