you held your cause close
until it was just
another fabric(ation)
to cover
your s e l f.
you wear it like armor
or a uniform
,trying so hard
to seem bigger
than you are.

all that you are,
and all you can
be, dissolve to a
look, a word for
what your life

he said "close your eyes,
and shut down you mind;
let me slip inside and
save you from your
dreams. we

drew lines in the sand
to know where we stand
but the tide came in
and took it all away.
it's over your head
get out while you can
i'll take you to shore,
back to where we began."

i don't think i can
sleep anymore while
this idea you have
walks through my
house and talks to
my friends and
says that i'm fine,
makes everyone
proud of something
that never was, and
makes plans to kill
the rest of my time.