Saturn In Decline

It's been ninety minutes
Nine since I read it

You told me things
Begged, even recently
And yet, I gave in
Thinking it would govern your response

How portentous the sample
Trial already written
Along the underworld

Under words unspoken
Ninety days away

I travelled back to the old place, you know
Sat on the rock
Felt the breeze against my face
Meaning you were there

It is winter and I stepped down
And I was unafraid of falling in
After your caress
What less existed

No forgiveness, never
For so ferried a love
That unlike my predecessor
Who conceded, but could not
Neither of these will I do

So owes this heart
For in knowing what will be
Blemish to memory

As if emotionless spoken
As hollow the promise
To know the unknown
Also works against you

So stay away, o pallid plague
Yield your sins to those and thine
Whom shadow finds friends
That the true judge looks and laughs

But one thing will last
Beyond these rings