The Orpheus Switch

Bombarded by the basics of your
Current events
No vent exists to take air
Without my mind

Feelings of evil at me by you
And you stop to look back
Only to smile at the havoc
Having fortified freedom
With a watery chain

Liquid pains fly their flags
Where eagerly we look
To languish in what is
The fault of our curiosity
As if the knowledge
Draws us closer
Through this pastel hue

You have effectively shed the skin
Which I wear daily
To pass judgment on myself
To feign ignore the ignorant
Living in sanddrops now as ever
Where they make for fast foundation
For in sand it eases
Only for want of water

You break the watch
Over the clasp tying green to blue
Flooding trunks of treasure
Into gasps of air
Swallow red
Through every orifice
Adding more weight to the depths unknown

So that is where I find me
Farther down than you knew
Though I look up through black
You have long left the water