I close my eyes and try to block out all thoughts. I take a deep breath and let it out trying to ease out all frustrations. I quickly sit down on the hood of my black Mini Cooper. I look at the letter siting next to me. I reread it for the third time already.

Dear Joann,

I am writing to you in reply to all your calls and messages.

Your actions have caused great pain to your father. So I must

as you for the health condition of your father to please stop

trying to contact him. I believe your dad's health will improve

if you stop troubling him . Please don't contact us. I know

you hate me, but I am everything your father has.

His daughter left him years ago. I picked him up when you let


Your stepmother, Clair

I try to hide my sadness and hurt with a laugh. I crumble the letter my stepmother sent me. In that second I hate myself for leaving my dad when my mom died. Should I have stayed with him, and lived in that awful silence between us both? Seeing memories of my sick mom everywhere. Seeing everything she left behind. Maybe I was a coward for leaving, but then I only knew one thing and that was that I needed to get out of that awful house. I through it on the ground as I get into my car. I drive to the only place that has been able to take away all the pain that has appeared in my life.

I take my usual seat at the counter. I watch as Bernie hands the mic to some tall dark haired guy. He looked nervous as he greeted the crowd.

"So when are you going to pass up?" I laugh and turn around to face Mac.

"I'll pass up when you finally get the courage and ask that girl you've been talking about for the past...what month?...wait no its been like two months." I watch as Mac laughed and shakes his head. "Right, sure. I'll be ready when you are." I turn back around to listen to the guy stepping on the stage. He's seated on the stool that's been placed on the stage. He slowly started to strum his guitar as he closed his eyes. He began to sing.

*Minutes later*

He opened his eyes and stood up. Everyone quickly began to clap. A small smile spread across his face. "Umm thank you." He got his guitar left the stage.

"Who was that?" I ask Mac.

"That was Branden. He's new it's his second time coming in to play." Mac waved his hand to signal Bryan to come sit down. Moments later he walked up to Mac and I and took the seat next to mine. "Good job, dude. You were great out there." Mac and Branden did some weird boy hand slapping, as I watched quietly. "Brandon this is Joann, Joann this is Branden." I smiled to Branden as he said a quiet hello.

"You did great out there." I said trying break the awkwardness between the two of us. I watched quietly as he racked his fingers through his hair pushing his loose curls back.

"Thanks. So have you been coming here for a long time now?"

"Uh..yeah, yeah I guess you could say that." I take a sip from the water bottle Mac placed in front of me. "So where did you come from?"

"Oh I just came here a couple day from Virginia." I nodded. We continued to talk till I noticed the time.

"Shit!" I said as I got up. "I have to wake up early tomorrow. I'm sorry but I have to go." He looked at me and nodded. I took out my keys from my pocket and started to walk out. As I step out the cold air hits my face. I wrap my arms around myself trying to make myself warm. Fuck I knew it was going to get colder at night and I still didn't bring a coat. I smile when I picture of Branden smiling flashes in my head. Just as fast as it appeared I mentally slapped myself. Brandon wasn't my type. With just one glance at him you can tell he's a goody-two-shoe.