Three years earlier...

"Niamh, hold up!" Stefan said, running down the corridor, dodging the students crowding the corridor, to catch up with his best friend of seven years, and girlfriend of two years.

Niamh set down her trunk and turned around to smile at her boyfriend, who was running down the corridor like an idiot. She loved him with all her heart, but he can be embarrassing at times.

Once he got to her, he was out of breath and bending down trying to get air in his lungs. Niamh smiled shaking her head.

"Hey," Stefan said, breathlessly.

"Hello," Niamh said with curiosity.


"Stefan, I think we got that down. So why were running down the corridor?" Niamh was worried, but tried not too look like she was.

Stefan smiled and stuck his hands in his pants' pockets. "Aw, don't worry Niamh. It's nothing serious. Well, it is, but not life threatening."

Niamh scoffed. "Stefan, everything you have to do is life threatening."

Stefan laughed, agreeing to what Niamh said. "But Niamh, this really isn't." He pulled his left hand out of his pocket, grabbed her hand, and led her to a secluded area, away from the streaming students that were getting ready to leave school.

"Stefan, what in the wor---" but Niamh was cut short when she saw Stefan was on his knee, holding a small silver ring with a tiny diamond in it. She nearly fainted when she saw it.

"I know we're only seventeen, but would you marry me?" Stefan asked with pleading eyes.

Niamh was shocked. She didn't know what to say. She got down on her knees and kissed Stefan on the lips.


Three months later...

Niamh was standing in front of the mirror. The plain white dress hugged her every curve. Her stomach was full of butterflies, and her hands were clammy. Her mother, Molly, was standing beside her, her hands on her daughter's shoulders, squeezing them in assurance.

Niamh turned her head to look at her mother, and smiled weakly, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes. Today was the last day she would no longer be her parent's little girl. Her mother smiled back, pinned the veil in place, and kissed her daughter's cheek.

By that time Margie walked in, wearing the simple emerald bridesmaid dress. She smiled sweetly at Niamh's mother, then turned to Niamh and said, "Are you ready, Niamh?"

Niamh smiled and nodded. "Ready as I ever be." She sighed heavily.

"I'll see you in the front," said Molly. She left the room, leaving the two girls behind.

Niamh turned around to face Margie. Margie had her long, red hair half pulled back, and curls cascading down her back. The emerald dress looked good on her, making her red hair brighter than it really was.

"Margie," Niamh began, but Margie hugged her friend. Niamh felt all the nerves suddenly leave her body.

"Niamh, I'm so happy that you and Stefan are getting married. Ron's a little upset, but he'll get over it."

Niamh smiled. She knew Ron had a crush on her since their first year at school, but being the best friend he is, hooked her and Stefan up. Margie was happy for two reasons: one that Niamh was the one marrying Stefan, and two; Margie will no longer have to worry about Stefan. She knew that Stefan was in good hands with Niamh. She was the only one that could keep him in control, and out of trouble. Margie knew she would never have to worry about her seventh brother.

Niamh got up from her seat, smoothed out her dress, and grabbed her bouquet. She sighed again.

"Are you ready?" Margie asked again.

"Margie, I already said I was," Niamh answered smiling.

Margie laughed and followed her friend out the door, towards the ceremony that was being held in the back of Margie's parent's home.


A year later...

Niamh sat on the bed. She placed a hand on her stomach and felt it kicked. She smiled broadly at the feeling.

"Liam, knock it off. You have one more month to go, then you can come out," she said, rubbing her stomach softly. Just then Stefan walked in with a towel around his waist, drying his hair with another. He smiled at his pregnant wife, and sat down next to her on the bed.

"Liam, are you giving your mother a hard time?" Stefan asked Niamh's bulging stomach. He kissed her stomach, and then kissed Niamh. She laughed and dropped the photo on the floor. "What's so funny?" Stefan asked; he confused with what his wife would be laughing at.

"You're what's so funny," Niamh said, between breaths. Her husband looked at her like she was insane. She smiled and looked at Stefan. "If Liam is anything like you or his grandfather, I wouldn't be surprised if he gave me a hard time. But if he is anything like his mother, or your mother in fact, I expect him to be a rule-following son."

Stefan smiled. "But he is going to be like his father and grandfather. He's going to be a true O'Neil. A rule-breaker." He wrapped his arm around his wife and kissed her. "You know he is, and it bothers you, doesn't it?"

"Yes, it bothers me. If he is like you or your father, then we have our hands full. If he's worse than you two, then well, we might have to find another school for him once he's expelled from school."

Stefan looked appalled at what Niamh said. "You think our son will be expelled from school? You're insane woman!"

Niamh laughed at his comment. "You thought I was insane when I met you, but you still married me."

"Yeah, it was my worse mistake too," Stefan mumbled. Niamh playfully slapped him on the leg.

"Excuse me? You do know I'm carrying your son here." She pointed to her stomach.

"I mean, it was the best mistake I made," Stefan corrected. He kissed Niamh on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "I love you always." Niamh smiled. Stefan looked down at her stomach and added, "And I love you too. You hear me in there?"

Niamh laughed. "We better get dressed. Mum and Dad are probably waiting for us to arrive.

Stefan stuck out his bottom lip and gave Niamh his puppy dog eyes. "Do we have to?"

Niamh rolled her eyes and said, "Stefan, I only want to deal with one child, I don't want two. And yes, we do. Now, get dressed."

"Yes, Mommy dearest!" Stefan replied, getting off the bed quickly, with his eyes full of mischief and excitement.

"I hope you don't turn out like him, Liam," Niamh said to her stomach, shaking her head at her husband, who was now butt naked standing in front of the closet.


Seven months later...

"Stefan, do you have to leave?" Niamh asked, sitting on their bed. She had her curly hair up in a ponytail with a few wisps of hair framing her face. Her honey eyes had threatening tears in them. She was watching the man she loved with all her heart pack his suitcase.

"Niamh, you know I have to. The ministry needs me. I can't just turn down my job," Stefan replied, shoving a shirt in the suitcase. A tear slid down his cheek, but he didn't wipe it away. Niamh looked at her husband and just nodded. She knew he couldn't say no to the ministry. He was an FBI angent after all, and she knew that he had to do his job.

"But why can't they the French deal with it. Why do you have to go?" Niamh persisted. She loved Stefan to death, and knew his job was dangerous.

Stefan sighed heavily. "Niamh, I love you, and you know that. I have to go. You can't trust the French." He strained a smiled and then wiped the tears away that where streaming down her cheeks. He kissed her softly on the lips. "I promise I'll return soon and safely."

"Don't forget to say goodbye to Liam," she said softly.

"I won't," Stefan said, as he kissed her on last time, which lingered for a while, then he left her in the room, as he moved to the nursery to say goodbye to his six month old son.


Two years later…

Niamh got the news about two weeks later that Stefan was killed. She was devastated. She didn't know what to do. She wept for a few days, and lived with her parents. Liam was too young to understand, and he still doesn't.

Now she's living with Connor Stanford. She doesn't know how she had gotten there. She met him at the mall one day, and things just happened from there. He had asked her out on a date, and she accepted, but never understood why. She had a thought that Stanford would just use her, but he didn't. She fell in love with him. She thought she was dreaming when she realized that she had feelings with her late husband's enemy. She didn't know why she loved him, but she did. She never made love to him; she wasn't ready for that. Stefan only had been gone for two years, and it seemed like it was too soon to move on. But she was happy, at least for now.