A year later...

It's been a year. Liam was now three, and they were both happy. Especially Niamh. Though, she still had that fear of Connor being behind her at any moment. But now, she checks over her shoulder only when she's in town, even if it was a new town in a different state, but Connor wasn't there. A part of her still cared about Connor, but she knew she couldn't go back.

More than all, Liam has become a smart little boy. He knew Seamus was just a friend of his mommy's, but always asked Niamh where his daddy was. Niamh didn't want to tell him yet. She thought he was too young to understand, but she was amazed how brilliant he really was. She knew that sooner or later he would know what happened.

Niamh was sitting on the couch when Liam came running through the front door laughing, with snow in his messy, jet-black hair. Niamh looked up from her book to smile at her three-year-old son. She couldn't help but think of Stefan when she saw her son.

...Four years ago...

It was a crisp December morning. Niamh was cooking breakfast waiting for Stefan to wake up. She was flipping the pancakes when she felt someone's arms wrap around her waist. She smiled happily.

"Morning," Stefan whispered softly in her ear, and then kissed her neck. "So, what's for breakfast?" He settled his hands on her hips.

"What do you think it is?" Niamh answered.

Stefan looked over her shoulders, "Pancakes and sausage?"


Niamh moved the already-done pancakes to a plate next to the stove. Stefan grabbed the plate and took it to the table, where he sat down and put five pancakes on his plate. He was reaching for the syrup, when Niamh brought over the plate of sausages.

"My, my. Aren't we hungry today," Niamh said, as she sat down in her seat, watching her husband pile some sausages on his plate.

Stefan looked up from his plate. "Did you forget? Margie and Pat are coming to visit. So is Ron and Lucy."

Niamh looked horrorstricken. "That was today?! I thought that wasn't until next week?!"

She put her head in her hands and started to mumble to herself. Stefan couldn't understand anything she was saying. He found this funny and started to laugh out loud. Niamh looked up from her hands and stared at her husband.

"What's so funny?" Niamh demanded.

"Nothing really. I just love it when you get angry and frustrated," Stefan replied.

Niamh shook her head and got up. "The house is a mess." She mumbled a curse and started to wash the dishes, forgetting her food. Stefan got up, and followed his wife.

"Dear, you're forgetting that they could care less what our house looks like," Stefan said. He leaned against the counter.

Niamh turned around to face her husband; she had just made the living room spotless. "Stefan, I don't care what Ron, Margie, or even Pat thinks about our house. It's Lucy that I DO care about."

Stefan looked at her shocked. "Why is that?" Niamh sighed and sat down on Stefan's lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Because, after we started going out, she became jealous, and she had been very competitive. She thinks that she was better for you than me. She did have a crush on you, Stefan. Besides, she can be such a priss, and thinks she's better than everyone because she's so beautiful. Yeah right, she'll look better without all the makeup." Niamh rested her head on his shoulder and sighed again.

A smile crept on Stefan's lips, thinking that it was nice that his wife was getting jealous. "Aw, dear, Lucy was always like that with every guy she had the hots for. Trust me," Stefan said. It was true, Lucy got jealous if anyone dated the guy that was "the flavor of the week" according to her.

Niamh smiled, knowing her husband was right. "You're right," she said, kissing Stefan on the forehead. "But I know you love the idea that I get jealous of Lucy."

Stefan fixed his face with confusion and said, "What makes you think that?"

"Oh, I don't know. I think I remember something that happened back senior year," Niamh said.

"That was an accident. Remember that Jessie Potski kissed me. I didn't do it, or respond!" Stefan said, defensively putting both of his hands in the air.

"Yeah, right," Niamh said with some sarcasm in her voice. She turned and walked to the front door. She grabbed her gray coat and hat off the coat rack, and her gloves. She put them on and opened the door.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" Stefan asked.

"Out. I need to walk this emotion off before everyone gets here," Niamh said, walking outside, closing the door behind her.

Stefan got up from his chair and ran for the door. He grabbed his coat, hat, and gloves, put them on, opened the door, and ran outside after his wife. It was snowing outside. He saw his wife walking down the un-shoveled driveway. The snow was knee deep, and he knew she wouldn't be able to run away from him. He got behind Niamh, and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. Niamh screamed and started to laugh.

"Stefan Liam O'Neil! Put me down this instant!"

"As you wish, my lady," Stefan said, grinning. He took her down from his shoulder, but instead of lightly setting her down on the ground, he dropped her in the huge snow bank. Niamh felt the cold snow underneath her, and gasped at the sudden cold at her neck.

"O'Neil, you are so dead for that!" Niamh yelled with a smile on her face.

"Now, my lady, it isn't nice to threat a knight with death threats," Stefan said, smiling back. "Do you want help getting up, my lady?" Stefan held out his hand, waiting for Niamh to take it.

"Yes," Niamh said, with a devilish smile on her face. She took Stefan's hand, but instead of having him help her up, she pulled him down on to her. They both laughed, and ended up kissing.


"Mommy! Seamus and I built a snowman outside. It's really cool, you wanna come and see it Mommy?" Liam said enthusiastically. He pulled on his mother's hand, trying to get her off the couch.

"Alright Liam. Just let me get my hat and coat and we'll go see this snowman you built." Niamh got up from the couch and slipped her shoes one. She grabbed her gray hat and coat and put them on. Liam grabbed her hand and pulled her outside.


Niamh woke up to the pressure on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and yawned. Looking up, she saw Seamus smiling down at her. She smiled back feebly.

"This is the third time this week that you fell asleep on the couch," Seamus said, a look of concern washed over his face. Niamh sat up, rubbing her eyes, trying to get them to wake up. Seamus sat down next to her. Niamh rested her head on his shoulder, as he put his arm around her shoulders.

"I guess I loss track of time when I read," Niamh answered.

Seamus shook his head. "I don't think it has to do with that. You fall asleep every night at ten. What's going on Niamh?"

Niamh yawned again. "I don't know. Maybe Liam just wears me out."

"That's not true," Seamus said. He squeezed her shoulder. "You only been like this since we took Liam to Disney. Tell me what's really going on. I had you as a student for a few years, and I know you can't leave a question half or not answered."

Niamh laughed weakly. Seamus did have a point. But how can she tell him what was going through her mind? How would he know how she felt at that moment?

...Two Years Ago...

It was a cool spring day, and Niamh and Stefan decided to take Baby Liam to Disney for the first time. He was only three months old, but they figured that they would be bringing him here quite a bit when he gets older. They were shopping for their friend, Ron, for his birthday, considering it was only a month away, on their vacation.

"What do you think we should get him?" Niamh asked, holding Liam close to her.

"Um," Stefan answered, lost in thought. "Maybe we should stop by some where he would like something. This place is bound to have some thing.."

Niamh nodded while she wrapped the blanket around Liam more. There was a slight breeze, and it was cool. Liam already got over a cold, considering he was only three months old.

"If he doesn't like any of that, then well, I don't know what we can get him," Stefan said.

"Football," Niamh said.


"Anything that has anything to do with football," Niamh repeated. Liam made a small cooing noise from under the blanket.

"You agree with that, Liam?" Stefan asked, with a smile playing on his lips. Niamh laughed. "What's so funny?"

"You," Niamh replied. She held out Liam to Stefan, and he took him without protest. "You talk to him like he's eleven. I mean, you tell him the perfect way to throw a baseball when he's not even crawling. Like last night, you were teaching your martial art...demonstrating them on me." Stefan smile broaden as he held Liam.

They spent most of the day shopping for Ron. On the way they bought some things for themselves. Liam had fallen asleep, and the two decided to call it a day.

Once they got home and put Liam to bed, the sky had already turned dark with gray and purple clouds. Rain started to splatter on the window, and they could hear the distant rumbling of thunder. Stefan and Niamh made their way back downstairs. Stefan settled himself down on the couch and Niamh followed soon after him. She curled up to him, and pulled the blanket off the back of the couch. Niamh rested her head on Stefan's shoulder and closed her eyes.

"Niamh?" Stefan asked softly.

"Hm?" Niamh answered. Her eyes were still closed and her answer seemed distant.

"I love you and Liam more than I love life itself," Stefan said, kissing the top of Niamh's head.

"So do I, dear. So do I," Niamh replied sleepily. Her breathing became shallow and Stefan grinned. She had fallen asleep.


"Mommy! Seamus! Wake up!" Liam cried with delight.

Niamh opened her sleepy eyes to look at her son. He seemed awake and alert, more than what she felt at that moment. She looked up and saw Seamus rubbing the sleep away from his eyes.

"What is it Liam?" Seamus asked as he yawned.

"Santa came!" Liam answered back.

Niamh's eyes snapped open. She had forgotten it was Christmas. Yesterday was Christmas Eve, and she never knew it. She looked over at the tree, but there were presents already under the tree. Some she knew that Seamus had put there, but there were others that she didn't know where they came from.

"Mommy. Can we open the presents now?" Liam asked with anticipation. The look on his face was the same look Stefan had. His eyes were big and bright, full of happiness. He had a smile on his face that was so bright that Niamh had to smile herself.

"How about if we had some breakfast first," Niamh said.

"Aw, do we have to?" Liam complained.

"Yes, we have to," Seamus replied, a smile on his face. He picked up Liam and threw him over his shoulder. Liam giggled and then started to scream from Seamus spinning around in circles.

Niamh felt a giggle slide out of her mouth. Seamus was an excellent father figure to Liam, but it was hard for her to realize that Liam still didn't have a father in his life.

They ate their breakfast, and to Niamh's surprise, Liam ate rather slowly. He kept looking at Seamus and her oddly.

"Liam, what is it, honey?" Niamh asked.

"Why were you two sleeping on the couch?" Liam asked coyly.

Niamh and Seamus looked at each other. Niamh didn't know how to answer the question.

But to her rescue, Seamus took the turn to answer. "Well, we were going to try to wait up for Santa so we could ask him if he could visit you, but we fell asleep." Niamh looked at Seamus, trying hard to believe what he said. He just lied to her son.

"Really?" Liam said, wide-eyed. Apparently he bought the lie, and believed every word Seamus had said.

"Yes, really," Niamh answered, still looking at Seamus. Usually he would tell Liam the truth, but not this time. She didn't understand. The truth was, that they both fell asleep last night just talking to each other. Just talking about everything, from Stefan to Liam, feelings to desires. They also did something Niamh thought she would never do with Seamus. They kissed. Not just a friendly peck on the cheek but a long, loving kiss, a kiss that Niamh hasn't experience since she was with Stefan. She also remembered that Seamus asked her a specific question the night before, a serious question that she had to think about. A question that she needed to sort out the pros and cons of each answer there was.

"Mommy?" Liam' voice cut into her reminiscing.


"Seamus said we can open gifts now," Liam said, taking his mother's hand in his. Niamh knew she was obligated to go. She got up from her chair, and allowed her son to drag her into the living room.

Seamus was sitting in the loveseat, drinking a cup of coffee. Niamh took a seat next to him. He grabbed her hand, but she didn't pull away. She intertwined their fingers, and squeezed his hand gently.

"Mommy, this little box is for you," Liam said, holding out a tiny square box to his mother.

Niamh looked at him quizzically, took the small box, and looked at Seamus. Seamus nodded. She ran a trembling finger under the side of the box, and ripped the paper off the box. Her eyes widen, afraid what the tiny box would hold. She opened the box, and nearly fainted at what she saw in it. There laid a small silver band with three small stones. The middle one was a diamond, and the other two where sapphires. She looked at Seamus.

Seamus smiled and cleared his throat. "Niamh, you know I love you and Liam very much, and I've been there for you two for the past year. You know I will never leave you two ever. I want you two to be in my life forever, that's if you would let me." Seamus slid off the loveseat onto the floor. He was on a knee, facing Niamh head on. "Niamh, would you marry me?"

Tears were stinging Niamh's eyes. They weren't like tears that usually fell from her eyes, which were usually because of sadness. These tears that were falling because of happiness that she felt. She loved Seamus, not as much as she loved Stefan but more than Connor. Tears were falling freely down her eyes, and her cheeks were shining with tears.

Liam walked over to them and hugged Niamh. "Seamus, why did you make Mommy cry?" Liam asked, a concerned look on his face.

Niamh smiled at her son and said, "Honey, I'm crying because I'm happy, not sad."

Seamus looked up at Niamh. "Is that a yes then?" A smile was creeping on his lips.

"Yes," Niamh said, a small laugh escaping through her lips. Seamus smiled at Niamh, and kissed her gently on the lips.

"What's going on?" Liam asked innocently.

"Liam, we're going to get married," Niamh answered her son. Liam looked at her confused. "It means you're going to have a new daddy. That's if you want Seamus to be."

Liam smile broaden and was bright as ever. His hazel eyes were full of joy and excitement. "Seamus is going to be my dad?!" He ran up to Seamus hugging him tightly around the waist.