I did the unthinkable
I read them all
Line to spine
Cadre of cadences
Your collection
I guess that's why I'm here
Within the black walls
Where the marrow bounces
To make anxiety return
Breath shorten
Bare as before

I read them all and I know now
That you despise me
Because I feel it from you in every moment
There is no other reason for your unquiet

You only want collusion
The confusion mirror
Would that you have wanted more
Liquid ember that I store in the watershed
Unlike the fugue you found
And seem content with

So please continue
Do endear yourself to what justice provides
Karmic scales return to me all ill I dealt
As favour to you
That you may peek over your cloudkingdom
And declare happiness as it is spoken of in dictionaries

I took what you spoke and wrote it all over the walls
So that whenever I dared open my eyelids
Away from eternal screams inside
I would feel you cry out at me in blades
Each tip a drip
Peeling a different kind of water than you dole
The sort that doesn't want to leave for it is as it was
And were it to be, it would be biblical
As no myth could encapsulate eternity like that

Yet you have not reconciled me
The mark remains unanswered
Oh yes, of course, there is a no
But spoken aloud, that is you, know

If you thought I was without understanding
Then see me now
Bound by the walls of my design
Shaking the bars as sand falls
Through to your halls
You may not believe it
But it is relative, dearest heart
Since you cannot pluck the dagger back from yours
So it is stuck fast in mine

The others can grab at it
To remove it
But it
Would only lend our promises to freedom
For all to see
When you think it's too late
Sand doesn't work that way

I read all the grains in the space between
The hours that keep us apart
Where Horus smiles in frowning
Though you despise me
You are still the sunrise