Tethered to this buoy
Salt, rope sear my skin
Splashes near my ankles
Drive me mad
Knowing you were once below

But you left the blue
Claimed you never would
That it was as much a part of you
As my breath by your nape
Your belief, being the only thing
That parted the forest from the seas

Until my crime
Where a common hanging
Braved no audience
Save the shouting audible in my skull
Someone didn't tie the knot well
And so I fell
Sent out into what was you
Strapped onto this belled gravestone
Reminding me as I rock, back and forth
Splayed round the spray
Of eyes that drew me deeper
Than the well I left

I felt us trading places
What I thought I owned
Now deferred to you
Land for thee
Sea for me
Scales to weigh and line my side
Legs to keep you from the tide

A flash of rocks
The ropes slice further
Into limbs which held a chance
Romance in a fallen leaf

Now, the water forces me
To face you daily
As you look away
Worse still, grasping to look away
While I gasp for nothingness
Feeling I can breathe in what is beneath
To commit myself to heavy-headedness
That moment between sleep and torture
Thinking I will die

For living within your sight
Aware of your feeling
But imprisoned out here
My senses forever whirlpool