It's a seaside cottage
It's a forest cabin
A phonecall that's gone unanswered
Until now

We wake up
At the same time
Thinking alike, which is us
Open eyes that cried once and many times
Realise we are not where we're supposed to be
Where reality tells us we should be
Because the duality in the mind
Illustrates our prison

Two rooms
Walled round with nothing between
But a sheet of glass
I catch your glance the same time
Your crystal eyes find mine
We wonder after this area
This selfsame honeycomb
Constructed to constrict

Instantly, out of necessity
Race to the clear wall
Not knowing it's there until we both hit it
Full on, fall down
Look again, and our laughs echo
All over our cells
It's then I realise
Your laugh doesn't reach me, nor mine to you
As if in mime, our silly ways
Now pronounce to terror
Close though we are
Clasping to the glass
In spite of the space between
We shrivel without sound

Who could have made such disaster
Engine of torture
To see but not feel
Listen and not hear

Here, in the escape
Only to find failure
One more time

In unison
Eyes close
Glass melts
Hands solve
Lips meet
Words where there are none
Recite the radiation hymn that none will hear
Except us

Expect us to overcome
The obstacles on long traintracks ahead
Training communiques between railcars
Cancel the lair of unmaking
Where two separate lives diverge
Lines parallel
The alphabet follows

Face into stream hears the sorrowsong
Heart through forest feels moonmelody
Fingers link, commit in stonestatue

Where does it say
That the path is over
When souls tell you otherwise

Others, wiser, suggest you turn the page
Should you, then the lives are lost
But like me, you must know
How the writing goes
Where it drifts and mingles
Just under the surface of the pool of tears

We interrupt
The hold over each other
Spring back and determine
The wall decides our residence again

Heart drops from you, I can feel it, too
So I smile your way
Find the fear in your eyes
And you, with the most delicate of meaning
Place your hand over mine
Against the glass
And mouth a phrase
To show me how
To bring the wall down