I plunge the needle in quickly
Before I waste time to think
Looking back on thirty years
Or at least the last few

Stall my last thoughts
Smell the rubbing alcohol
Because I always prepare
Well, at least I try
Success laughs in succession
The pinprick deepens

There was no time in which I controlled
The way my world would wound
Oh, I chose what was and will never be
Veering off the road spelled out
Spilled into a well
With all my wet letters

I think I'm in it now
Vehicular monoxide
Curious siren wail
All the cars stopped
To make room for the shadowgroom
Had he only listened
The siren, edging close
I can't move, can't feel my legs
So enchanted
Look around for the emergence
The lights arrive at my side
Grave gravity pulling on me
Only when scissors swish
Do I look down the well
Beneath my neck

I remember the needle

thing in
There but
Last gasps that
My chest