Beth was almost 40, and could walk, talk, and do things for herself. But some how she was very dependant on her kids. She acted like she needed her kids for every thing. When ever her kids would leave for a while she claimed she felt excruciating pain. Lisa, Beth's oldest, was 23. She attended collage for a few months but left shortly after to help her mother out. Beth also has a son named Chris he was 20. Chris and Lisa would try to sneak out but every time they would, their mother claimed she had pain. It was August and her kids insisted that she go to a doctor. Beth refused at first, but they finally persuaded her to go. They took her the next day but the doctor found nothing wrong with her. Chris and Lisa told the doctor how their mother acted every time they wanted to leave but, the doctor said she was fine and sent them back home.

Chris and Lisa took their mother home after the appointment. When they got to the house, Lisa wanted to go to the store to pick up a few things. She knew how her mother would react, so she gave a signal to her brother to take their mom inside. Lisa got into the car and drove off. It was now up to Chris to keep his mother from noticing that Lisa had left. Hours had past and Lisa still had not come home. Beth began to realize that Lisa was not there. She began yelling and saying that she felt pain. Chris tried to call Lisa, but she didn't pick up. Chris became worried and his mom yelling wasn't making it any better. He calmed his mother down and assured her that everything was okay, and that she should go to bed. Beth went to bed and Chris stayed up as long as he could wait on Lisa. It was almost midnight and she still didn't show. He decided to stay up a little while longer, but he could hardly keep his eyes open, so he went to sleep. He checked on his mom, who was sound asleep and in no pain, and went to sleep.

When morning came Chris was the first one up. He rushed to Lisa's room to see if she was there. She was not there. He then checked on his mom and she was sound asleep. He walked into the kitchen, picked up the phone and began to dial Lisa's number. There was no answer for the first two rings. She finally picked up her phone on the third and last ring.

"Hello?" Lisa said with a raspy voice.

"Hello" Chris said. "Where are you?"

"I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"I just can't got to go."

"Wait" Chris said yelling.

It was to late Lisa had already hung up the phone. Chris suddenly jumped with shock. His mom was yelling from her bed room. He was becoming irritated with her and wanted to do nothing more than shut her up. He walked quickly from the kitchen, but not before glairing at the perfectly stacked row of clean kitchen knives. Lucky for Beth, Chris's hands remained at his waist in the direction of his mother's bedroom. Chris then began to walk quickly to the doors of her bed room. Before he could lift his foot into the door way, he froze. His mind seemed to flash pictures of the perfectly stacked kitchen knives in his hands covered in his mother's blood.

"Chris." Beth yelled.

He then snapped himself out of it and began to walk into the room towards the side of the bed. His mother looked up at him and crack…crack…crack, something had come over Chris. He suddenly couldn't control himself. His fist was pounding his mother's face. Her seemingly pale skin was now covered in blood from an open gash on her forehead. Then there it was again. The flashing pictures of the kitchen knives. Chris ran out of his mother's room and walked to the kitchen. He knew what he was going for. He grabbed the largest knife almost knocking the others to the floor, and began back towards his mother's room. He froze in front of her door and dropped the knife. He peered around the frame of the door, reached his left hand out and closed the door.

Two days had passed since Chris had checked on his mother. He didn't hear anything from her room since he was last there. He was so afraid the past two days that he couldn't bring himself to check on her. Lisa still didn't call and Chris was starting to fall apart. He could not function correctly. He couldn't focus on anything else but his mother and where Lisa could be. The slam of the front door echoed through out the now quiet house. Chris rushed to the front door and saw that it was Lisa.

"Where have you been?" Chris said.

"Don't worry about it" Lisa said as she walked towards the kitchen. "Where is mom?"

"She is sleeping don't wake her up."

Lisa started towards her bedroom. Chris made sure she walked past their mother's room and went straight to hers.

Chris's eyes went straight to the knife that was by his mother's door. He quickly ran to pick it up. Just as he was putting it in the kitchen sink, he heard a creek, the sound of his mother's door being opened. He gripped the knife just as it was slipping through his fingers, and began walking towards his mother's bedroom. Lisa looked over her shoulder and began screaming. Chris was standing over her with the knife to the back of her head.

"Close the door." Chris said yelling.

"What is wrong with…?"

Before Lisa could finish her sentence or catch her breath, the knife was already through her skull. Chris began carving a whole with the knife into Lisa's skull and was digging closer and closer to her brain. He opened the door and dragged Lisa's body into their mother's room. He pulled the knife out of Lisa's head and threw it under the bed. The stench of his mother's rotting body filled the room and began to suffocate him. He closed the door but noticed that some of Lisa's hair was caught in the bottom. Chris opened the door quickly, kicked Lisa's head and closed the door back before her head hit the floor again. He heard the thump of her head against the other side of the door and walked off to his room.