Once I heard a whisper,

Lively, full of joy,

Entrancing and enchanting,

Nothing I've ever heard before.

That whisper belonged to you,

And with you,

I fell in love,

I grasped your hand,

Never to let go,

And when we were together,

Time moved, oh, so slow.

I thought that we were different,

Able to stand against the storm,

I thought that you were different,

I glorified oddity, in the midst of the norm,

I found I thought wrong,

We were the same as the rest,

The storm knocked us down,

To drown at sea.

I never wanted to let you go,

I wanted to hang on for life,

But you had other ideas,

Your betrayal still cuts me like a knife.

I cried for your memory,

For the loss of your warmth,

When you left,

You took my sun,

The theft of summer,

Left me to winter,

To freeze in my misery.

I am left to that enchanting whisper,

I heard the very first day,

I am left to tears, sorrow,

And the echo of heartbreak.

© Double I 4 My Guyz