White Picket Aspirations / Sky Is Heaven

You accuse me of aiming for the summit yet quitting prior to sweating a single drop
But remember that sky is heaven and to earn my right there, I must exhibit benevolent thoughts
And delay my aspirations until the darkest hour where the thrill of intoxication threatens to kill
Is distant and the jar labelled small that I cradle in my heart gives the signal to remove her lid

And as I trample on eggshells left lying on the kitchen floor while you scream at me with abhorrence,
I slip on my headphones and ignore the conspiracy you've planned against me to inspire
My mind that once I've experienced freedom I won't ever recall being chained and dignity
Won't consider calling out the name of anyone close to hellfire which definately includes you

But I know that the strength to rendezvous must inevitably cast upon me because I still have concern
For your wellbeing however that will only occur when you stop shouting and hear my argument that when
The earth is covered in darkness, I refuse to be standing in the middle of all the deserved agony
But rather have my soul portray a prism with God's light shining through so until then the barricade stays.