I don't want to lose you in the ether.
when we are too fucking smashed to
find our cars, when we did drive.
and I hope (with my heart on a string)
that you're not under the impression that I
am anything but fascinated with you.
don't get, tragic on me. don't tempt
the dirty week old wish bones,
when we are so fucking f.r.e.e.. in this place.
I don't want you to missunderstand me.
(I don't want to come off like some sort
of small bird, when I am anything but!)
I want to be someone that's p.e.r.f.e.c.t for you.
lets get under the influence of: love! (shall we?)
pretend for a moment, (if you will.) that we are not
a d d I c t e d. and that night in the acid [under the acid?]
where we sat and became one. where you,
said some things that made me breathless,
and I did some things, that took your breath away.
for 12 hours we couldn't stop:
etching(lovelove poems into the bed sheets)
I never want this to stop