Chapter 25: Tumbling Identity

"I'm not who you think I am, or was." As I speak these words, I know their meanings are something different than what is said, "And that's exactly what everyone else saw. Their reactions were everything but surprising. People see me as perfect, worry-free Charlotte. 'Oh look at Charlotte and her amazing life, her perfect friends who will never let her fall when things go wrong, her beauty that has every guy lining up at her door. Her intelligence that makes even the toughest teacher melt in front of her'." I'm speaking more to myself than Trystan now.

"But that's exactly what I wanted them to think. I had all of them eating from the palm of my hand, and no one even realised it. Up until now, at least.

"Everything was going so well. Although I never trusted anyone at school, and obviously I was correct to do so, my life at school was the only normal thing left. I didn't have to worry about being accepted or feeling like a freak. The image I created was so tightly built; no one could knock it down.

"Now I'm known as the temperamental freak that could pull a suicide at the smallest bit of criticism given." Trystan pulls onto the side street and in a few minutes, three minutes and twenty-six seconds to be exact; we are driving up the long narrow black driveway. "Mom's no home." Trystan says before climbing out of the car.

He meets me halfway, grabbing my bag and my hand. Right now, as I walk up to the house with Trystan, things are good.