This is an assignment we had to do for English class. We read a short story called 'The Sniper' by Liam O'Flaherty, and it was about two men who were on different buildings, and they were both snipers on different sides of the war. Then, one of them fakes being dead so the other goes down from his roof, and then the guy who was faking being dead shoots him. The guy who shot him feels this urge to go down and look into his enemy's face, and when he does he realizes that he's just killed his own brother. So then we had to write a poem about it! Yay!

Anyhoodles, here is mine:

When darkness falls

and blood flows strong

down streets and faces,

through more than veins.

Though war has changed

the depths of hearts,

and peace is scarcely heard.

And silence is still hiding

until after the final shot,

as a last resort

shooting stops, and innocent blood

will flow no more.

Until then,

the darkness stays,

and when enemy eyes

lock on our own

a shot can be heard

even though beneath the blood

a face depicts our own.