Years went by

Opportunities went by

Scars kept forming

Not healing in any sort of way

It just became worse

The scars kept burning, burning

Making the pain more unbearable,

Day, after day

But, as every cloud has a silver lining

You made your entrance

After being in the background for years

You slipped in ever so swiftly

You said you've loved me

Since the very beginning

And slowly started kissing

The painful scars away

I fall in love with you shortly

Believing you are my one and only

It was a huge decision,

But. I gave you my everything

You haven't left me since

And I praise you for that

But painful facts keep stunning me

When I think logically and rational

Was it the right choice?

Even though I hardly doubt it?

Even though the only word I see on your head;

Is "Home"?