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A/N: Cross-posted on my deviantART account with its original illustration. Unsurprisingly, I find I like the poem more than the picture, haha. Who said a picture's worth a thousand words?

Walk With Me

Beneath the silent fall of snow
We walk in muffled solitude
Two separate trails casually crossing:
Serpentine like DNA,
An interwoven past of paradoxically parallel presents.
I only hear the crunch of my boots
And the answering crunch of yours.

We leave nothing but blue-deep footprints,
And memories foggy as our breath
Of sidelong glances and half-finished smiles,
And everlasting frigid cold.

(for we have stolen all the warmth from the air.
and in our silence, we've written volumes,
and in our hearts, we've broken rules,
because hands kept in pockets are yet still held.)