I'm not okay with this

This is not all right

I'm tired of thinking


Crying into my pillow

Frantically racking my brain –

What did I do?
Why did this start?
If all I am to you

Is a child

To be reprimanded



Made to "admit" I was "in the wrong"


Where did this begin?

Is this, in fact,

My fault?

Have I let you walk all over me

So much

That you consider it the way of the world

The natural order of things

Our unique "hierarchy?"

I've been grey and colorless

Too long

Too much

Too consistently

I want my light

To shine through

I am a star

I shine

I am not a moon, a planet

I do not merely reflect your "greatness"

I don't feel like apologizing

This time


For some time to come

If –

When –

You want to

Help me fix these crumbling bridges

Meet me halfway

Own up to your part in this

Treat me the way I deserve –

Well –

You know where to find me.

I'll be waiting.