11:11, make a wish.

It's 11:10 I'm sitting on my window sill

The rain is pounding against the glass

I can see the blurry light of the street lamp

My mind is blank of all things possible

I can hear the clock ticking

I lean my head against the cool glass

My clock beeps 11:11

I slowly close my eyes and take a deep breath

I wish for something that I have wanted all my life

Something that might not happen

But it is something I look forward to happen

That something is very special to me

Something I could spend the rest of my life with

Something that will change my life

It is a beautiful something, that I have dremt of everynight

Since the first sighting

I slowly open my eyes

I hear my phone ringing

It's….. the something

I smile and pick up the phone

"Hello" I say

"Hey, am I too late to ask you something"

It's 11:12,

My wish has come true at last!