Me and Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

I'm sitting here reflecting

Taking a break from finals studying

My grades aren't so great

They're Cs

And today Cs

May as well be Fs

And that make me sad

But, I'm postulating

I'm thinking about Charlie Brown's Christmas tree

It wasn't really so great

It wasn't that pretty

It was just a little wimpy tree

It wasn't a pink aluminum one

Or a big spruce evergreen

It was just

A little wimpy Christmas tree

And everybody said

That he messed up big time

When he bought it

They kicked him out of the Christmas pageant

Said he was the most Charlie Brownest Charlie Brown

Yet, in the end

They figured out

That it wasn't such a bad tree at all

A little Christmas tree

Not pink aluminum

Or a big spruce evergreen

But if it had love

It was still pretty

Postulating I think

Hopefully, I'm a bit like that tree

I may not be shinny

I may not be bright

I don't stretch to the high heavens

Or am able to shine brightly at night

I just hope to be

Like that little Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Little, tiny, puny

But, in the end

All right