At Midnight

At Midnight, when the shadows creep

And you are very much asleep,

Shadows slide into your room

And peer at you from out the gloom.

Closing in from every side,

Shadows closer to you glide

As you roam safe inside your dreams,

So unaware of their dark schemes.

As you lie snug in your warm bed,

Shadows curl 'round your head

And whisper soft into your ears

Your deep sorrows and darkest fears.

Their talons clench you as you quake,

Unable from their spell to wake

For, like dark phantoms, you will find

They haunt you from inside your mind.

They feed upon your agony,

Your silent screams, your misery –

They let you wake when they are done,

And to dark places swiftly run.

As you awaken from their spell

And shriek as you escape from Hell,

Your eyes peer into darkness deep.

Nevermore shall you soundly sleep

At Midnight, when the shadows creep!