The continuation of the pointless random story of utter discomcribulation and random exfloveratation

Part 2

Spain continued its headlong advance across the Atlantic. Zooming towards John the Bear and Gerr the Hare in his Hair.

"Say your prayers Bear" Hare gulped. "We gonn'a need em'"

The Bear was crying big tear lumps which fell and crashed to the earth below sending shockwaves which destroyed a mountain.

"I don't want to die by Spain! I want to live and sing and frolic and live out my life and sing and then laugh and play and sing and…"

The Hares eyelids started to get heavier as the list went on and on and on and he yawned.

Days passed

"…and Kayak and eat those little square biscuits that tingle in your mouth and sing and dance and be a cockney street-wise urchin in 19th century England Wah!"

When the Bear was finally done Hares eyes snapped open. Bleary – eyed he noticed Spain had arrived.

Hare patted the Bear on the shoulder before addressing Spain which was now just eerily floating off the coast of Florida so silently.

"Spain we are sorry for mentioning you in such a harmful and inappropriate manner" hare began.

"Truly we are but humble giant animals who seek a better understanding with mankind and the world that all of us, great and small all share. To find our place in the World and a sense of self and purpose in this vast and changing universe. So please; can you find it within your generous Iberian heart to forgive the ignorance of two well-meaning animals?"

Spain did not speak. This may not seem too surprising since countries are not known to speak, at least the geographic countries themselves rather than the humans who live on Spain.

However; every country could talk and the Hare and Bear waited anxiously for a response.

If America was listening it was not lending its opinion on this matter.

Spain suddenly began to rise into the air and glowed blue.

"I accept your sincere and heart-felt apology. I wish you luck on your important quest and what destiny has in store for you" Spain said.

"Pray tell; what are your names young ones?"

"Gerr" Said the Hare.

"John" Said the Bear.

"SchluckSchluck" said the Duck.


"A duck!" shouted Bear.

"Yes I am a Duck" said the duck. The duck was also a giant like Bear and Hare.

He too was standing on the Edge of Florida.

"I come in peace"

"The Hare nodded. "Splendid. You may join us on our quest SchluckSchluck"

"Excellent" beamed the duck. "What's the quest?"

Hare shrugged. "Dunno"

Spain spoke again. "I wish you luck companions of the three. I wish you luck on your quest"

Hare was about to ask what quest but Spain sailed back to Europe.

Bear clapped. "Yay I don't die! Okay where to? What quest did Spain mean?"

Hare frowned and stroked his chin. "I don't know what quest he meant Bear…I don't know…"

Meanwhile worldwide news was reporting that Spain had just left Europe and then reattached itself to Europe a few minutes later. Luckily only minor damage was inflicted on buildings by Spain's little tour to Florida and no injuries were reported.

"To Sweden!" Proclaimed Bear in a hurriedly optimistic yet insanely pessimistic tone

Hare agreed to an extent but in contrast did not agree and secretly loathed the idea so so so much that he changed his mind and incidentally became ecstatic about the idea.

"Yes!" Hare cheered. "To Sweden!"

Duck shrugged. "I was hoping for Hungary but whatever."

Bear frowned and leaned over to Hare.

"I don't like him. He reminds me of a man who walked up to me once and said hello but the he called me fat and I cried for nine days and seven nights. The countryside below me flooded and one fifteenth of Austria was flooded all because of that man…"

Hare raised an eyebrow. "Is that story even true Bear?" he asked him in an angry sympathetic hushed yet perfectly loud manner.

"No" Bear admitted. "Though I do cry a lot"

"I noticed" Hare replied. "Now come on, let's go to Sweden!"

It took them over thirty seconds to walk across the Atlantic and over to Sweden.

It would have taken them shorter but Bear nearly almost stepped on Edinburgh in Scotland and had to say sorry.

Eventually they reached Sweden.

In Sweden everyone was looking up at the giant animals recording them on camera phones and looking up amazed.

"We're famous!" shouted Bear.

Suddenly Windows smashed and car alarms sounded across Stockholm and all of Sweden was cursing at the animals.

"Oh dear…" muttered Hare.

"Hare?…" Bear asked nervously.

Hare sighed. "Yes Bear?"

"Should we go now?"

"Yes" Hare replied.

Suddenly Swedish fighter planes were attacking the animals.

"Ouch! Swedish people stop!" protested Bear. "That hurts…"

Hare rolled his eyes. "Come on let's head somewhere else and next time no angering the population."

So they wandered around wondering what country to go to.

As they wandered Hare rested on Bears head in his hair. So as the wanderers wandered Hare the wanderer wondered if Spain's mention of a quest would ring true…and if they had a destiny…

Eventually they decided to rest in the snowy wastes the middle of Russia as they often did to avoid lying on people.

"Goodnight" shouted Bear to Hare but he did not dare stare for he was aware that Hare said to beware that to stare was unfair but Bear did not care so he did stare but Hare did not care either and so Hare slept in the hair of Bears hair.

The Duck decided to sleep in Canada.

The group did not know that destiny was unfolding before their very noses. They would have to be nosey to decipher the truth. They would soon nose the truth of what was to come. But who nose? Perhaps they will nose before any of us? Who nose…do you nose?

Tune in next time to discover if the companions have what it takes to pick the nose of truth, to dance with the devil of diamonds and sing a song and swim and Kayak and eat those little square biscuits that tingle in your mouth and sing and dance and be cockney street-wise urchins in 19th century England!