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Corrupt Principal

Chapter 7: The Assassination of Prince Prussia

By: Melissa Norvell


The long blades of grass waved in the gentle winds as Suzuki walked up to a large tombstone that rested in the center of the graveyard. It was the biggest and most elaborate of the stones and towered over the smaller grave markers around it. His eyes scanned over it, reading the enscription of that held the name of the Prime Minister. His tombstone was a remarkable replica of his presence. Suzuki felt swallowed up in it's presence. 'Prime Minister Kihara...if only the dead could speak. What happened to you that day? What could have made your own son want to kill you?' His eyes bored through the stone, almost as if he was desperately trying to make contact with the being who laid beneath it.

Just behind him, he heard the crunching of fragile blades and uttered a 'huh' in response as he pivoted and saw Kanon standing behind him. The girl was in terrible shape and looked weakened and washed out, void of any bright color that brought happiness. More importantly, Kanon could barely walk. Suzuki was shocked that she was even out of bed. "Countess Kanon Fussinii! What are you doing here?"

Suzuki was shocked to see her, especially so soon.

"Oh...you came to see the Prime Minister, too?" She noticed that in his hands was a boquet of flowers, similar to the one she held but of different types and colors. Her voice was still weak from the surgery, but she was able to speak, nonetheless.

"You're a Titannian, why would you want to pay respect to someone who's Japanese?" Suzuki didn't understand Kanon's ways at all.

"You're so biased. We're not prejudice." Kanon closed her eyes and walked shakily ahead, bending down slowly and carefully as she placed the flower at the foot on his head stone. Suzuki had some nerve making a statement like that to her.

Standing up, she continued to speak with her back facing him. "We should have come to Japan sooner, then this could have been avoided. I saw the news flash about the funeral. It's a shame that we had to hold a private funeral because someone tried to assassinate First Prince Prussia."

"Yeah," the male's voice was tinted with sorrow as imagery of what happened on that dismal day reeled through his mind. Schnizel was firing that machine gun, the bullets pierced their bodies and killed them in an instant, ripping their lives from them savagely. The screams of horror that filled the air sang in his ears like a haunting elegy.

His eyes narrowed and his frown deepened. 'I know it's not your fault but it's hard not to have you right now, Schnitzel.'

Kanon glanced to him in question. "Is Prince Prussia alright?"

"He's fine," Suzuki responded as he turned from the grave. "His life was spared. I made sure that he didn't die. What do you know about Prince Schnitzel's possession?"

Shock ignited on her face, then fizzled out into sorrow, "Private Ringike..."

"Don't withhold information," Suzuki pressed. If anyone knew something about what happened, it was her.

Kanon turned her head away and spoke lowly, "ask Prince Prussia."

"I already did."

Kanon paused for a moment before lifting her saddened face to look him in his steely eyes. "Didn't he answer your questions?" If anyone knew about things of that nature, then wouldn't Prussia be the one with the most knowledge? It was something that was happening within the royal family, or at least it seemed that way to her.

"I want to hear it from you." The words hit her like a gun shot, caging her in to where she didn't have a choice but to answer him. One way or another, Suzuki was going to get an answer out of her.


A long, elegant finger traced the delicate edge of a wine glass, feeling the smooth texture contacting his flesh. A devious smile crossed Kuromoji's face. "You did a great job in taking out some of those high officials at my father's funeral. Now, we just have to rid ourselves of that bothersome prince. He stands in my way, and I have just the plan to use his kindness as a severe disadvantage. Perhaps if he learned to toughen up, then he may be a challenge to me but as if recently, he's nothing but a royal pain in the ass with his selfless endeavors."

That prince made him physically ill, and all of his spouts about peace and love were nothing but realistic delusions. Kuromoji wanted nothing more than to see him dead.

'I have been standing here, thinking on Jia-Jing's words but no matter how much I've mulled her phrases over in my head, I can't think of a way to use this situation to my advantage. Will I forever be this boy's puppet.' Schnitzel thought to himself as he continued to listen to the hellish boy's plotting.

"Go put that straight jacket on and sit in a cell. Read a book or something and I'll come and get you when my next plan is pulled together." Kuromoji rested his elbow on the arm of the chair, propping his head up with the back of his hand. "I need to think."

"Yes, my lord," Schnitzel agreed and walked off down the hall, disappearing from view.


"She's just departed the homeland?" Prussia glaned to the old man with confusion written on his face.

"Yes, King Willian is placing her directly under your care." Ulysses made his report.

'Giselle...She's coming here? In a time like this? What is father thinking? She's merely a sub-viceroy. She doesn't know how to handle a war-like situation and atmosphere such as this.' Prussia didn't see why King William would send the girl to them. Was he trying to get her assassinated? "But, now isn't a good time. I have enough on my shoulders as it is."

"You can't argue with your father's word." Even Ulysses knew that it was futile to try and reason with the king. William's word was final, and it was rare if ever that they made him change his mind.

"I suppose you're correct, Ulysses." Prussia sighed. There truly was no use in trying to convince his father otherwise. This was such a pain. Moreso that they now had to watch over Giselle and make sure that she didn't get caught up in the spider web that Kuromoji had woven. "Now I have to take care of two siblings." The anxiety and tension was mounting on him. "There's nothing that can be done. We'll have to make the best of what we have for the time being."

Prussia decided to change the subject. "Is there any new news regarding my brother's possession?"

"As we stand, we are currently trying to find the boy's whereabouts. We've made countless investigations and we haven't found any leads as of yet." Ulysses informed the prince of that status. "We do know several things about him as a person." He walked up to the blonde, handing him a folder that was filled with several documents inside. Prussia opened the folder and fingered through the parchment. "It seems that he really is who he says he is. Kihara Kuromoji, age seventeen, blood type A..." Blue eyes slowly glanced up from the parchment. "It seemed that he shows no signs of a preexisting mental condition before the age of eleven. His mother passed away when he was two and he was raised by his father. This will give us a little information to go on regarding his character. Perhaps this will give us a little insight on what his motives may be. It's a small lead but it's better than nothing."

"If we can find out where he is hidden, then we can take steps to apprehend him." That was the prime objective of their current mission.

"We'll havre to stay on our toes." Prussia shut the envelope and held it to his chest protectively. "Keep in mind that he does have that possession power. I don't want anyone ending up like my brother. The more people who succumb to his possession, the more enemies we'll gain. Kuromoji could have an army at his side in an instant." There was no telling what the boy could do with that type of power. His opponent literally had the power to look at someone and gain complete control of their body. It was like he could conjure up puppets to his will.

"Even so, how could he have enough mental capacity to control them?" Ulysses tried to think of it intellectually and mechanically. How was it humanly possible to control multiple people at once? Didn't Kuromoji have to use a large part of his mental capacity to control more than one person? That sounded like it would take a lot of fortitude to pull it off.

"His school records show abnormally high grades." Prussia remembered going over his records as he was thumbing through the papers and seeing that subject in particular that piqued her interest. "Either he's a child progidy or he's had this power from a young age." Something wasn't right about readings like that. Back then, anyone would have written it off as someone with a high level of intelligence, but Prussia saw it as something else.

"If so, what kind of boy is this that we're up againt?" That information sent a shiver down Ulysses' spine. It was frightening to know that this boy could have had his powers from a young age, and he simply sat there, honing his skills and practicing this demonic art that only he knew.

"That's what I am wondering," Prussia looked thoughtful for a moment before he continued. "We don't have enough information at this point to-"

Suddenly, there was a loud boom as the entire building shook violently. All around the two of them, commotion rose and voices filled the air with uncertainty and fear. Prussia stumbled as he clutched the folder close to him, trying not to spill the contents within. He nearly fell back into his throne. Whipping his head back towards the elder man the prince asked what that was.

"It seems we're being attacked." Ulysses' voice turned serious.

"Turn on the screen!" Prussia demanded and several guards rushed over to their positions and turned on the screen. One of them asked if Prussia was alright, as his health was most important. They couldn't lose their one leader.

"I won't be if they keep attacking us. What's going on?" Prussia insisted on knowing what the meaning of all of this was.

Through the soldier's, a man dressed in a similar suit with shoulder-length, full, blonde, wavy hair approached him. "Your highness, there's an odd situation going on there." He informed the prince of their standings. "There is an entire army of Titannian and Japanese soldiers who are storming this place."

"What?" Prussia was shocked.

"What are you talking about, General Beaudux?" Ulysses asked.

"I was outside, enjoying a wonderful mint tea when all of a sudden, I was being shot at. I managed to make it inside before those bullets could graze me and deployed the surrounding troops to protect the castle. There are only two units here. One is outside and the other is in here, protecting you." General Beaudux began to tell them a tale of horror and dread. Things looked bleak very quickly, and he barely got out with his life.

"We don't have much time. If we keep sitting here, we'll be nothing but targets. What do we do, your majesty?" Ulysses looked to his prince, waiting for him to give his command.

"We'll attack them head on." Prussia sat in his throne, looking at the large screen before him with a layout of the events spread out before him. Stress was painted onto his porcelain features. The troops shocked him, and more importantly, the fact that there were Titannian and Japanese ethinicities sent waves of surprise coursing through his body.

"We'll be killing our allies, and our own men!" Beaudux shouted in revelation.

"What do we do, your majesty?" Ulysses hoped that Prussia had an idea. He didn't want to kill his own men, but at the same time, he didn't want them to gain access to the royal quarters.

"We can't do anything about it." Prussia shut his eyes after several minutes of mulling the situation over in his head. "The war has already begun. Our men are attacking his armies. They know that Kuromoji has possessed their comrades, even though we're taking a risk by killing Japanese soldiers as well." He sighed heavily with regret. "This won't look good on our track record."

There went his plans for peace.

"We should contain them at the moment. Any further actions would be assinine on our behalf." That was the only alternative that Ulysses could offer at the moment.

Prussia rose from his throne and put his hand out in a commanding way. He was about to make a dire decision. "We have no choice! Destroy them all! Leave no one alive!" If they truly were possessed, then right now, the only alternative would be to make sure that no one got out with their life.

Outside, the squads of soldiers were fighting each other. All around chaos reigned supreme as the soldiers battled, firing at those who were possessed. The enemy army fired back, as several soldiers on both sides were impacted and fell to the ground, dead. Tanks and canons fired beams and missles as Titannian forces let out screams of terror as thier bodies were hit and flew up into the air, blasted away.

"These are our own men and the Japanese!" One of the soldiers shouted.

"Damned traitors!" Another soldier shouted, firing a machine gun into the enemy forces.

"What's wrong with their eyes?" The first soldier asked.

"Die!" One of the warriors screamed as he shot through enemy soldiers. Their bullets were ripping through flesh, splattering blood on the ground. As he was preoccupied with killing the man, a group of soldiers had made their way past him and ran inside of the castle doors.

In the halls, the castle guards tried to stop them, but were shot dead as soon as they pulled their guns out. One of the guards took off his protective helmet to reveal his true identity.

It was Kuromoji.

"I, Kihara Kuromoji, command you to commit suicide!" The brown-haired teen rose his hand as the guards saluted and with an obediant cry of 'yes, sir' they pointed their guns to their heads and fired, splattering the royal grounds with their thick, red blood.

This allowed Kuromoji to simply walk through the halls freely and straight up to the royal quarters.

"It's time to meet your fate, Prussia Vi Cossattia. I'm coming to kill you, so prepare yourself." Kuromoji smirked wickedly as he stood before the great doors of the chamber, the only thing that kept him from the noble prince, who was probably caught up in his distraction. 'I'll possess everyone who stands in my way, until I get to you and then I can watch those wonderful blue eyes tremble in pain and that beautiful face of yours twist in agony. Your royal blood will be sweet upon my lips.' His breath was baited at the very thought, and the devious youth licked his lips hungrily. Kuromoji could taste the defeat, and it was sweet.


Another earthquake shook the building as pictures fell from the walls, an a nearby flower vase crashed to the ground, the pieces flew across the floor with the impact and sparkling water with red tulips scattered across the ground. Sirens went off, sounding in alarm as their piercing noises shot through the air. Prussia dub his gloved fingers into the arm rest of the chair, trying to keep himself grounded.

"What's going on down there?" Ulysses pounded his hands on the surface of a nearby desk.

"Sir," a guard ran in and saluted the general, "the enemy is strong. We're being outnumbered and-" Before he could get another single word out, several gunshots were heard in close range.

"General Straton!" Ulysses shouted as he heard several yells and an explosion. It was loud and cause the building to tremble once again. "General Avakar!" He shouted the name of another general as he wondered what was going on. Ulysses didn't understand why all of his generals were dropping like flies.

"What in the world are we up against?" The situation was beginning to really hit Francis Beaudux hard. These were no typical enemies.

"Send the remaining troops out to fight!" Prussia ordered. They could not lose this war.

Beaudux turned towards the prince with shock written on his youthful features. "What? You'll be left wide open!" A move like that was like asking himself to be a giant target. It was insane for Prussia to do something so brazen, and something so seemingly stupid.

"Who cares? Just do it!" Prussia knew what he was doing. He needed his troops to trust him.

Francis nodded unsurely, his voice waivering. "Yes, sir," this wasn't what he wanted to do at all. He had a sinking feeling about all of this. It was a desperate move, and a very dangerous one. 'You're going to sacrifice your safety for the cause...how selfless.'

It was a trait that he admired.

Prussia then turned to him. "General Francis Beaudux, you go with them."

"But, your highness," the blonde tried to argue.

"They need a good leader. Remember, you always have the option of retreat." Blue eyes seared into the young man's face and the two had an unspoken moment before Francis gave him a stern expression and nodded.

"All Elite Royal Guards get ready to depart for the battlefield right away! Get ready for an assault on the enemy!" Francis announced on the microphone as all guards turned their heads, perking at his instructions. "Hold nothing back!"

After making the announcement, Francis turned to the prince. before walking out. His features were stern, promising his leader that he would not fail him. He was worried for the royal, and he didn't want him to fall into Kuromoji's hands like his brother had. "Please, take care your highness, and Ulysses, he's in your hands."

Ulysses nodded and held up a machine gun. "His highness is safe with me. I will lay down my life in order to protect him."


The Japanese soldiers were patrolling the area, with Suzuki commanding that section of troops. They had made their way back across thier line of patrol when the boy turned his head towards the horizon. Clamy air caused his bangs to flutter as his eyes laid sight to something worrisome on the horizon.

Plumes of dark black smoke billowed out against the cloudless skies. The black stood out in sharp contrast to the bright blue. Suzuki's visage hardened as he stopped in place, inquiring on what that was.

"It's the Titannian Palace of Europa. It looks as if it's under attack." One of the soldiers in ear shot informed him.

Another looked to him with a quizzical expression. "Should we go over and see what's going on?"

"Let's head over there and see if they need some help. After all, they are our allies." That was the least that the Japanese army could do. After all, they had to protect Prince Prussia from the enemy forces if Titannia's guards failed or were all killed in combat. 'This could be bad. Prince Prussia's armies are out helping the Japanese search for Kuromoji's whereabouts. That means that the prince is left wide open for an attack. He must have planned it this way.'

"We have to hurry!" Suzuki called out to his men as he hopped into the back of a convoy truck. "Get a move on!" He motioned by waving his arm back and fourth as the truck drove down the road, soldiers following suit. "He's probably going to assassinate the prince, or possess him with that power. I've got to get inside, fast."

Two guards shoot each other and fall dead as Kuromoji glanced around the hallway at all of the portraits that hung on the wall. There was one in particular that caught his eye. It was large and bordered in a solid gold frame. Inside was a masterfully painted portrait of the prince, smiling at him through a painted canvas.

Of all of his features, Kuromoji couldn't help but notice how pretty Prussia actually was. He seemed like that kind of guy who took pride in his looks and acted as a real charmer or ladies' man. Arching an eyebrow, he smiled in amusement. 'He is a narcisist, isn't he? But hey, even if he wasn't good looking, he could still have anyone or anything he wanted because he's a prince.' With a 'huh' he turned to the sound of a single pair of footsteps that drew nearer and nearer. Assuming a defensive position, he asked who was there.

Ulysses stopped in front of him, holding a sword in one hand and a machine gun in the other. Above anything else, he was going to keep Prince Prussie safe, even if it killed him. "I won't let you harm his majesty."

Kuromoji cocked his head to the side, smiling a toothy grin. "Do you honestly think that you can beat me with such a medival weapon? A sword is a neanderthal weapon compared to modern-day science breakthroughs." He simply waved at the old man in dismissal. "I must say that I'm disappointed."

"Enough!" Ulysses barked, enraged that he would dare to insult him in such a way. He pointed his sword out, as if he were making a battle gesture.

"You're stupid. Do you honestly think I'm intimidated by an old man with a sword?" Kuromoji was far from amused with his infantile strategy. What was he trying to prove? Ulysses knew his powers.

Ulysses charged at him with his sword drawn and Kuromoji simply moved out of the way, evading his strike. The old general tried to slash him across the side, but the teen ducked down as the blade moved over his head in a clean swipe. Kuromoji wasn't out of the clear yet, and as he turned around the enemy had his sword drawn back, ready to stab him.

Kuromoji hopped back as the blade dug into the ground. The youth rolled along the floor in a ball and popped up a few feet away from the elder man and took a defensive position. Ulysses charged him again and Kuromoji lept into the air, coming down with a brutal kick to Ulysses' head. The general flew backwards and landed against the door.

His contact against the door made Prussia jump inside of the room. 'I'm trapped in here. The electronic doors won't work since the power to this room has been shut off. What the hell do I do? I'll be assassinated at this rate.' Blue eyes darted around the room, frantically looking for something, anything he could use. Prussia was like a bird in a cage, vulnerable to the whims of it's cruel owner. He cast a glance at a nearby window. 'I'm too far up. It would be suicide to simply jump. I could radio a helicopter but chances are they would be shot down or my radio signal would be scrambled. Ulysses is fighting to keep our intruder out...but how long can it last? Is this truly how the end of my story will go? Do I die before I even get the chance to make a change?'

Outside, Ulysses' sword blade plunged into the wall, right beside of Kuromoji's head. The rebellious teen didn't even cringe at the close contact. His eyes traveled to the blade, then back to the old man, staring into the eyes of someone who was sworn to kill him. That look of hatred he had was so...delicious. He could just soak it up all day. A small laceration appeared on his cheek as blood bubbled to the surface.

"You may think of my weapon as mideval, but this is no ordinary sword. It has a very special power that makes it a fierce weapon, even against guns." It was a weapon he preferred over his machine gun any day. Before he could ellaborate on it, the old man was kicked in the gut and doubled over, stumbling back in pain.

Kuromoji held a hand to his temple, "now, Ulysses G.R. Progmeyer, I-"

Before he could get another word in, the old man swung his sword and a large whip of electricity shot from the blade, headed for him.

"What?" The teen's eyes widened as the wave made contact with his body. Electrical currents ran through him as he jolted and crackled. White lightening traveled over his skin, and Kuromoji felt numb. He fell on the ground in a crumpled heap as Ulysses walked up to him. The boy lay on his side, holding his afflected stomach. His eyes that were once clenched shut popped open.

"I told you, boy. This is no ordinary sword. You won't possess me, nor will you harm the prince." Ulysses warned the boy to stay down.

"You're just pathetic," Kuromoji's strained voice traveled to the man's ears, "to pick on a boy and defend a man who believes in such weak-willed ways."

"Weak-willed ways?! You believe rule should consist of beating people into submission with that power you've gained?" Ulysses wanted the boy to tell him how he thought that was right. He believed firmly in a gentle, yet stern ruler who would make a peaceful atmosphere for the people, not some viscious tyrant.

"This power will be used to deliver justice and crush your corrupt government." Kuromoji said as he arose with his hand on his stomach. The magic from Ulysses' sword still burned his flesh. "I'll make you pay for what you've done to Japan!" He pointed at the man in conviction. Just then, he was kicked in the side, knocked to the ground once more as he struggled to lift himself with one arm and refuse to stay down. However, it was short-lived. As soon as he tried to rise, his arm was zapped by an energy beam that singed his flesh once more. The magic bit away at him, stinging and sending pain coursing through his being. Kuromoji screamed in pain at the contact. His eyes were half-lidded and he placed a hand to his forehead.

'My head...It's pounding...What the hell kind of weapon is that demonic thing? I've got to stop this. I've come too far to be defeated now.' His eyes glanced over to his singed hand, red and bleeding as it shook in pain. 'I've got to recharge myself, somehow. My body is too weak to emit the mind control waves. What do I do?'

Slowly pulling himself up, Kuromoji took off towards the man with a sword drawn of his own. He didn't think that he was going to need a weapon, but picked one from of the dead royal guards just in case. "I have no choice!" He shouted as flung his afflicted hand forward. "I, Kuromoji Kihara command you, General Ulysses Progmeyer to stab yourself!"

It was his last ditch effort, he only hoped that it would work.

The irises in the old man's eyes began to glow in that familiar color, as he uttered the phrase 'yes, my lord' and proceeded to drive the blade deep within his stomach. Blood hemhorraged from his wound, seeping through his uniform. Pain registered across his face and he fell forward.

Ulysses' eyes widened as memories of the past rolled through his mind in sweet nostalgia. He remembered his beloved prince as a small child. He was so cute with his long, platinum curls and large, inquisitive eyes, filled with so much innocence. The child was always sickly, but managed to keep a smile through all of his pains. Ulysses' fondest memories of the boy was when he was feeling well enough to get out of bed and embraced him. It was a moment of strength. It was a touching moment that made him smile.

All of the boy's life, Ulysses was like a grandfather to him, raising him while his parents were away. Prussia's words were fondly recalled with such clarity that he could almost see the prince as a boy standing before him.

'I want to be a brave prince when I grow up, as brave as you, Mr. Progmeyer.'

'Some day you will. I'm sure you'll be a great ruler.' That was what he had told him, and soon it came to pass.

"My lord..." Tears streamed from the old man's eyes as the pain in his voice showed. "I have failed you..." Crystalline tears were spread across the royal ground as the founder of the royal guard came crashing down. He laid there, unmoving as Kuromoji stepped over him as if he were nothing.

"Pathetic fool," the demented youth sneered down at him and placed his hand on the door to Prussia's confines. "Now, only one thing stands in my way," he smirked darkly, "Prince Prussia."

...To Be Continued

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