Drive yourself into the ground, lover.
You know she'll trust you again.
You have a way with your eyes,
glinting blue and green and hazel from room to room
(bed to bed)
and the way you grin,
Full of abandon and reckless, can
twist her heart in knots around your fingertip.

Your back's against the wall, lover.
She remembers every kiss.
She keeps old boxes and ribbons
in small drawers, chocolate as vivid in her memory
As the taste of your skin is to me.
You know you can have us both,
but only she loves you,
(your mouth's on mine, lover)
like the winter loves the spring.
and I, oh,

I'll give you ultimatums because
she can't. So
pin that grin on your face and start running, because
She and I, we'll grind you into corners, damn,
We'll drive you into the ground,
Lover. And you won't do a single thing.