It's amazing the difference someone can make to your life.

Pick up a dead and lonely flower and turn it into a blossoming rose.

Sing and dance music into your life.

Make you stop to smell the roses.

Dance around the gardens and perform on the ballroom floor.

Add flavor to your life.

Give you a chance to be yourself.

Give you a chance to shine.

Why do some people commit themselves to making a difference?

Why do they give up their time effortlessly to help a miserable person?

How can someone, with true miseries and horrors in their past, still smile and laugh and portray themselves to be a person who never fails to have a great time?

It's amazing how simply people come into your life.

It's amazing how carelessly they make you smile.

They're like butterflies.

They fly by.

Softly kissing your cheek.

Gently creating beauty.

Letting their path be known to the world.

Then they just fly on by.

Why do they pass by so quickly?

Why can't they stay by your side forever weaving beauty into your life?

Why does it always seem to be that the ones that we love the most, the ones that are compassionate and helpful and the ones who light up your day, are the ones that always seem to leave so quickly?

May you find your butterfly.

Let it dance around in your head, make its message, and then leave again slowly.

Leave its footprints on your heart and memories in your head.

Let you reflect upon what you believe and what matters to you the most.

May you find your butterfly.

Hey All,

This is just a short little rambling that came to me after speaking to my little brother who is having a tough time at the moment.

Please review and tell me what you think of it.

And to all those waiting up on my other story, updates will now begin once more now that my man is home safe and on the mend.

Love you all!