Mike was somewhat satisfied at the relative security humanity experienced in the next few days as Andrew refused to hunt. Refused to do anything, really, if you asked Mike. Andrew mostly just bummed around the apartment trying to recover from the shock of someone resisting his compulsions. He mumbled to himself things like "Never happened before… how the Hell…"

Mike merely sighed and shook his head behind Andrew's back as the younger man paced around, attempting to figure out what had happened, then one night he emerged from the bedroom in his typical black and announced

"I'm going out hunting again."

"Got your confidence back?" Mike asked from his purple chair

"Going to try to. There was just something about that girl… I need to have her."

"You sound like a rapist."

"Mind-rapist, maybe, but that's beside the point. I'm going out hunting. I'll be back later." And with that Andrew left the apartment, shutting the door behind him. He made his way down to the street and once more slid along the walls in the shadows, reaching out with his senses to feel the girl. Her energy was the same strong, rich feeling as before, only now laced with a ribbon of sweet paranoia.

He easily scaled the fire escape once again to find the girl's window locked shut. "Smart Girl" he smirked to himself as he slid a razor sharp fingernail around one of the panes of glass, knocked it free, and unlatched the window by reaching through the opening.

When he stepped into the room he became aware of something he should have known sooner. There were two people in the room. The other girl Andrew assumed had been drafted as a watchdog was sound asleep, her head slumped down against her chest with the moonlight shining off her blond hair.

Andrew knelt down in front of her and held his hands up near her temples on either side of her head. He reached out his mind into hers and found nothing but blackness. It had happened a few times that he caught a person not in REM or dream sleep, and their mind did not have a dreamscape, but usually in that case they were semi-awake and there were thoughts, or worries running through their mind. But this girl had nothing.

By the warm breath ghosting across his palms, he could tell that she was very much alive, but she had no dreams, no thoughts, no conscious activity of any kind it seemed.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." A low female voice came from behind him. Andrew mentally kicked himself for being so distracted the past few days. He had gotten so caught up in the thoughtless girl that he hadn't noticed when the other woke up.

He couldn't see her face, she was backlit by the moon. The curls at the top of her head lit up like concentric circles, and the silhouette of her torso was defined by the camisole that clung to it.

"What…" Andrew breathed in question

"I played the ignorant human to see if you would actually be stupid enough to try and attack me again. Apparently you are."

"What did you do to this girl?" He asked as he looked back at the sleeping blond

"Well, if I told you that it wouldn't be any fun at all now would it? But think about this, if I could wake up while you were in control, then why couldn't I protect someone from you ever controlling them in the first place?"

Andrew paused and then opened his mouth to speak, but the girl cut him off

"Get out."


Andrew saw her throw the covers aside and the next thing he knew her hand was around his throat, pushing him up against the wall with surprising strength for someone her size. He grasped her wrist and tried to twist it to free himself, but she simply pressed her thumb further against his windpipe and he stopped his movements.

The moon illuminated her pale face and he could see her dark eyes blazing with anger, yet her forehead was not creased with effort. When she released him, she encouraged him in the direction of the window and repeated

"Get. Out."

Andrew massaged his neck and coughed a couple of times before placing one leg over the sill, then glancing back at the young woman who had bested him twice now. She took a threatening step forward and he dropped out of sight into the shadows, emerging somewhere on the opposite side of town where he followed the signature of an unconscious drunk and took the energy he needed for the night in order to calm himself after the ordeal.

As usual, Mike was waiting up for him when he got home.

"What happened this time?" Mike exclaimed as, in the light of the apartment, the handprint around Andrew's neck became visible

"I think you might want to have a talk with that girl." Andrew remarked as he collapsed onto the sofa.

"She did this to you?"

"Yeah…" Andrew admitted defeat, however grudgingly, and rubbed his neck subconsciously, "Not only did she wake up when I was in control, she had some other girl there, I guess to watch for me to show up, but she was asleep… I couldn't enter her mind. And then the first chick said that she had something to do with it. I think she might know what I am, even though I don't."

"Where did she live?"

"To be honest I didn't really pay attention to the particular intersection, but it's not too far away. Other side of the campus. Her energy is all over it though, so, I could point out the building to you."

"Why is it so strong for you?"

"It's not that it's strong for me. None of that Edward Cullen 'personal heroin' crap. It's just a really strong energy signature. Like having a bunch of lights and one is brighter than the rest. Everyone who can see them can see it's brighter, and a blind person would have no idea."

"You're going to tell me tomorrow where this apartment is. And I'll think of something to get that girl to talk to me about what happened. She'll probably be reluctant for anyone to think she's crazy… hell… she probably thinks she's crazy."

"Alright, fine. I fed on a drunk's nightmare and that makes for good sleep, and I need that right about now," Andrew stood up from the couch, "what a fucking shitty week." He mumbled as he walked through the bedroom into the bathroom and started the shower running.

Mike meanwhile looked at his shelves of supernatural lore and pondered why there was not a single reference he had found as to what Andrew was.