Hey, everyone! I haven't posted anything in quite some time, but I've still been writing. This was a short poem I wrote out of the blue, when I was cold. Sort of a poem-memoir thing. Hope you enjoy it!

I'm used to rain that freezes your arms

Changes your hair color

Blurs your glasses.

I'm used to mice on the stairs


From a cat.

I'm used to purple sports cars

Speeding up a hill

Breaking a hundred traffic laws

I'm used to Sunday football on Saturdays

When I'm doing homework

And ignoring the TV

I'm used to inside jokes

To mix CDs for Christmas presents

For biscotti in the cold.

I'm used to globes

And Chinese Checkers

And broken pencils

I'm used to going to school early

When my car's still foggy

And my keys are cold.

I'm used to typos

And crying

And jokes.

I'm used to ballroom dancing

To marimba music

In a pizza parlor, on a Friday night.

I'm used to drums.

And doodling.

And old books.

I'm used to getting As

And headaches

And to working late.

I'm used to the end of the world

Because I see it every day.

It's not so bad.

You get used to it.