have you been hearing what they're saying,
about the old reefer man? he found the
girl poet at bottom of the block,
and smoked her into the sky. and she
never did come back down. that
dirty old reefer man tricked her into thinking
that there was a dream up there she could reach.
and when the telephone polls got too, out of reach,
she disappeared. and they say that
old reefer man, tokes up all the brokenhearted.
I hear he knows, exactly what they're looking for.

you've always been the dirty reefer man.
as if you were eaten up one day,
by an angry underbelly, of sharp toothed
doctrines. all consuming you, until you were
completely empty. and now the only thing
you have left is the gong on you heel.
scraping along the ground, call us out
like the ice cream man. you'll never be
anything but the dirty old reefer man.

he says "baby, everyone's one's dying, to get the disease."