She stood in their family's music room trying to learn a new song that she likes very much. The rays of sunlight shone through the windows and the clear blue sky showed no dark clouds. She held her violin in position and prepared to play. Reading the music score on the stand, she started to play the song. She stopped a few times when she played the wrong note and started from the beginning. She was finally playing the song right until she heard a voice call out to her from the open window. "What are you playing?" She turned and saw a boy about her age sitting on a tree branch right outside the window. "A song my mama taught me," she said.

"What's it called then?"

"It's called Canon in D major."

"That's a weird name!"

"Yes," she said as she put her violin back in its case and went towards the window, "but it's such a pretty song."

"Can I come in and listen to you play then?"

She smiled. "Sure." The boy smiled and jumped off the branch to the window ledge. She let him in and he listened to her while she played the song. She thought she had gotten everything straightened out, but as she played through the song, she found that it became faster and she couldn't keep up with the tempo. "I didn't think it'll be this hard," she said. The boy smiled at her from where he was sitting. "Don't worry," he said, "you did very well at the beginning! I'm sure you'll get it!"

"You really think so?"

"I'm positive!"

She smiled. He continued to watch her practice the whole day until the sun was about to set. As he jumped back to the tree branch she asked him: "Will you be here tomorrow?"

"Do you want me to," he asked. She blushed at that. Tomorrow her parents will be out for the day, and the only person who will be staying with her at home was her grandfather. She figured it would be alright with her grandfather to have a friend come over. "Of course I do!" He smiled. "Alright I'll come over then!"

"Will you be coming in through the window again or the front door this time?"

"I'll surprise you!"

He did come the next day! She was expecting him to come through the window again, that's why she was sitting near the window waiting for him. She was surprised when her grandfather knocked on the door of the music room and let the boy in. Ever since then, the boy would come over through the front door or through the music room window. He would listen to her practice her violin playing all day long until the moon would make an appearance.

One day, while she was practicing, he asked her what school she would be going to for junior high. She shrugged and just said that it would be up to her parents. "But I want to go to a school nearby," she added. The boy looked like he was deep in thought for a moment. After a minute or so, he looked at her and smiled. "What about you go to my school? It's nearby and we can become schoolmates!" She gave it some thought for a moment and then she smiled. She said she'll tell her parents about it later during dinner.

The days of summer passed and school started. Her parents agreed to let her go to his school. They were both excited to be starting the junior high together. He held her hand as they walked through the courtyard to the main entrance. Her hand was starting to become sweaty and her face pale. He asked her if she was alright; concern was written all over his face. "I'm fine, really I am," she said giving him a small smile.

"Are you sure? You don't look fine."

She shrugged and then sighed. "I'm just really nervous. . ." He draped his right arm on her shoulders and gave her a gentle squeeze. She looked up at him. He's gotten much taller, she thought. He smiled down at her and started to pull her into the school. "It's going to be alright," he said reassuringly. "I'm right here with you. I'm always going to be right here with you."

The first day of junior high together went by quickly. He kept his promise and was right beside her for the rest of the day. He was always with her during and after school. He would walk her home and stay with her while she played her music. It was their little routine every day. She would always play Canon for him while he stayed. He would do his homework–and even hers–while she played.

As the days go by, she was becoming more accustomed to her new school. She was used to school that were fancy and nice, but she never really liked the student body. He was the best friend she ever had. Her parents were hesitant at first to get to know him because he didn't quite fit the status quo, but they were happy that she found a friend in him and welcomed him with open arms.

They became inseparable as the months went by. Summer became autumn and autumn became winter. She was really sad because he would be spending Christmas vacation with his relatives in Europe. The night before he would go to the airport, he climbed up the tree and knocked on the window a few time before she heard him. "I thought you were supposed to be packing," she asked as she let him in.

"You want me to leave already?" He gave her a cheesy smile and winked at her. The amusement in his eyes made her giggle and hug him tight. She wound her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "Of course I don't! I just thought that you were busy packing. Won't your mom be mad that you're here instead of getting ready to leave?"

"I'd rather stay here and hear you play my favorite song."

"You mean Canon?"

He nodded. She let go of him and went to get her violin. When she came back, she found him arranging the music scores. "You know," she said, "It was my favorite song before you made it your favorite."

"Yes well," he said, reaching out his hand to her. "I like the way you play it." She played the song four times before they just sat there in the quiet. She put her head on his shoulder and he leaned in to brush the lock of hair near her cheek. "I'm going to miss you while you're gone."

"And I'm going to miss you." She lifted her head to look at him. "Really?" Her eyes became softer and he could see them twinkling in the moonlight. Wow, he thought. "Of course I am," he said, "Who am I going to bother while I'm in Europe?" She laughed at that. She was really going to miss her best friend.

Christmas vacation ended faster than she thought. She thought she would become lonely while he was gone, but she didn't. They kept emailing each other every single day. When school started again, everything came by so fast. Classes, homework, projects; with those around, they could barley do their little routine afterwards. With everything going about too quickly they barely noticed that they were already about to graduate to high school.

The day before graduation came and they were sitting under a tree at the park. They were eating some of the food she made that morning."Mmmmm. . ." he said while chewing. She looked at him, her brow raised. "Do you always have to make that noise whenever you eat?"

"No, I don't."

"Then why now?"

"It's only for whenever I eat the food that you make. You're already a talented violinist, but now," He took another treat from the picnic basket. "You show another talent." She laughed at that. They had been so busy for so long they hadn't had a peaceful afternoon like this in ages. "Everything goes by so fast," she said quietly. He looked down at her and smiled sadly at her. "I know," he said.

"I just want everything to slow down for a while."

He looked at their surroundings. The children were playing soccer at an open field, mothers watching their toddlers play at the swings, and some couples were having a romantic afternoon stroll. He sighed and turned back to her. "I know what you mean, but tomorrow we'll be going to another stage of our life."

Graduation ended and in about three weeks they would be going to high school. They were doing their favorite thing in the world again; playing Canon in her music room while he would sit there and listen to her play. He always felt happy and peaceful whenever he was there, even though he was just sitting there listening to her play. They decided to go to the same high school together. A memory flashed into her mind while she was playing. It was the two of them in the music room together after their first day of junior high. They were doing their normal routine, when she suddenly stopped playing. He asked her why he stopped but she just kept quiet. He stood up and went to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I can't believe were in junior high now. The next thing you know we'll be in high school, and then college, and then we'll be off to work. Why does everything go by so fast?"

He shrugged. All he could say to was that they should just enjoy the time they have and just play along to life's surprises. "What are you thinking?"

"Oh nothing," she said smiling at him.

High school was so different compared to junior high, she thought. She was sitting in her third period class of the day. He had a different class right now. She hated the idea of having different schedules, but he reassured her that they only had four different classes so they could still spend half of their schedules together.

The school bell rang and she stood up and went her way to the cafeteria. She walked out the door and bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry," she said. The person she bumped into offered a hand to her. "No," he said, "I'm sorry. I didn't look at where I was going." She looked at him and he looked at her.

"I'll be going now then," she said taking her books and headed her way once again. She got only a few meters away when she heard the guy call out to her. He apologized again and asked her if he could walk her to where she was going. She hesitated but he insisted.

He was waiting for her at their table. He saw her walk through the doors. He was about to wave to her when he saw her with another guy. Who the hell is he, he thought. She was smiling at the guy and something in his gut tightened. She said something to the guy and then waved good bye. She went over to him and hugged him tight. "Who's he," he asked as they sat down. "Just a guy in my third period class." He became quiet for a while and then just proceeded into their lunch period. School went by and they went home from school together. She wondered why he was so quiet after during and after lunch; it was beginning to worry her.

When she asked him if he was alright, he just gave her a small smile and said that he was just thinking about something. At first she didn't believe him, but she knew that he would be alright.

The days went by and summer once again came. She would be going on vacation with her parents to Paris and he would be staying with relatives upstate. Before she left, they were talking in her music room. She had just finished playing his song for him. "Would you be mad if I told you something just now instead of before?"

"Of course not," he said, a cheesy smile on his face.

"Remember the guy I was with at the cafeteria, the one I bumped into?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well," she said as she blushed, "We're sort of together now." He stood there frozen in his place. He was shocked by her news. She always told her everything! "Since when," he asked quietly.

"Since last week. . ."

Last week?! And she hasn't even told me, he thought. He was quiet for a moment but then said that he had to go. He left her there feeling all alone in the music room. She emailed him while she was in Paris. He only replied a greeting to her but that's it. He had been that for the rest of the summer. The only one she been in constant contact with was her boyfriend.

He hadn't written to her in ages and he felt miserable. He felt like he was stabbing her behind her back. He could feel that she is feeling sad, and he knows it is because of him. That's why he wanted to surprise her when she came back from Paris. He would be himself again and they would be friends again. The day before she was scheduled to come back, he was walking through the park by himself. He saw her boyfriend walking through we wanted to ignore him but something got his attention. He saw her 'boyfriend' with his arm draped over the shoulders of a girl he recognized at school. He wanted to go to him and punch him square in the face, but he remembered how happy she was with him. But he knew that she had to know the truth, and he knew that she had to be the one that breaks things off with her 'boyfriend'. He took out his camera phone and snapped a picture of them. She has to know the truth, he thought.

She came back the next day and was happy that he was there to welcome her back home. She ran to him and hugged him tight. "I can't believe you're here!"

"Yes, well, I missed you. . ."

She was just happy to have him back as her friend. He hugged her tight, suddenly hesitant to break the bad news to her. The next week of school went by as normal as normal it could be. It was getting hard for him to tell her, but tell her he must. He decided to tell her when she was on her way to her boyfriend. He took her aside and told her that he had something to tell her. He did not say much instead he just showed her the picture. She was stunned at first and went silent. He told her when and where he saw them and just waited for her reaction. After being silent, she hugged him tight and cried. He held her and let her cry but inside he was fuming with anger. How dare he hurt her like this, he thought.

She was quiet for a few days and then broke things off with her boyfriend. After a few more days, she saw her ex walking though the hallways with a black eye. She was surprised when her best friend draped and arm on her shoulders and drove her back to her class. She asked him if he knew what happened to her ex, but when she did, he gave her a cheesy grin and told her that he did it and that he deserved it. At first she was shocked by his violent reaction but then was glad by his protectiveness. She swore she lay off other guys for a while and just concentrate on graduating high school.

Since then, high school went by quickly and it reminded her of her junior high days. She once again felt that everything was going too fast and nothing is staying constant. The two of them graduated high school together and was very sad when they had to pick the university they like out of the ones they had applied to. She applied for music school while he applied for medicine. She wanted to become a music teacher while he wanted to be a pediatric surgeon. They both loved children and wanted to help them grow in one way. With that in mind, she would go and study in New York while he at Boston.

On the week before they left for their respective university, they spent the whole day in her music room and she played their song. They would separate ways next week and just wanted to spend the whole day in their little world. When she felt tired, she played the song through the recorder while they just sat there. "I can't believe we won't be together for college. . ." she mused.

"Yeah," he said while stroking her hair. "Just tell me if anyone–especially if it's a guy– is being mean or hurts you in any way and I'll come to you in a heartbeat."

She sighed as her first day of college ended. She had never felt so alone in all her life; she just wished he was there with her. She played their song every night before she went to sleep to remind her of his presence. He laid down on his bed after his first day of college. He was feeling worried about her. She had never been to a new place alone. I wonder what she's right now, he mused. She's probably asleep by now. He listened to their song as he looked at the framed picture of the two of them at the park. He was carrying her on his back while he smiled up at her and she was smiling down at him. The next picture was of them during their senior prom. God I miss her!

Her college life just went by quietly. She hadn't had any luck with new friends, and frankly, she didn't mind. She just studied and played her music. She was too shy to go to parties she was invited to and too afraid when other guys would come to her and ask her out on a date.

His days over at his university were starting to annoy him, mostly because girls were bothering him on a daily basis. One would think after going through that in junior high and high school he would get used to it, but he didn't. Now he didn't have his best friend beside him to keep him sane. He sighed. He missed her dearly and kept hearing her voice in his dreams. They planned to see each other during the semester break, but a relative of hers died and she had to go to London.

Things were getting hectic during college, especially for him. He never would have figured that being a doctor would be so hard. It's worth it, he thought. She was nervous and excited at the same time when her finals came. They were asked to perform in front of their professor and some guests from renowned performing arts schools were invited. She decided to perform their song for her finals. She wanted to feel his presence while she was playing. This is for you, she thought as she played their song.

After ten whole years of studying, he finally became a pediatric surgeon. She already graduated before him since his course takes much longer. She decided to become a music teacher in place where they grew up and he decided to work there to so they could be together.

During his lunch time at the hospital, he was sitting in the cafeteria all jittery because they would meet again after so long. He was so happy that after all these years of being apart they would see each other again. He was about to sign off for the afternoon to meet her when suddenly his pager went on and said that there was an emergency he had to attend to. He muttered a curse and text messaged her telling her that he had to reschedule their meeting. He rushed to the emergency area where an ambulance was just unloading a child and a woman rushed behind. The child's mother, he asked himself. As the gurney rushed in her immediately went towards it and asked the paramedics what happened. They said that the child had difficulty breathing all of the sudden and started to have blotches all over his limbs and chest. "Please tell he's going to be alright, doctor," said the woman.

"I'll do everything that I can miss," he said. He turned to look at the woman and was stunned at who she was. It was his best friend. As he rushed into the emergency room and prepared for the operation, she stood there shocked. It's him, she thought. She had finally seen her best friend after being separated for so long.

She waited in the waiting area alongside the child's parents. She apologized to them for what happened. They were kind and said it wasn't her fault, but she felt guilty because their child was her student. After three hours, he came out with a small smile on his face. He went towards the parents and introduced himself. He told them that their son had an allergic reaction to something he ate and that their son was going to be fine.

She volunteered to stay behind and watch over their son while they ate. They agreed and went to the hospital cafeteria to eat. A few moments later, he came in with a record under his arm. He came to check up on the child and also to check up on how his friend was holding up. He placed a hand on her shoulder, just like old times, and she placed hers on his. She smiled as he placed a kiss on her cheek and the top of her head. She leaned into him and he held her close. She had missed him so much, she felt like she didn't want to be separated from him ever again.

Holding her like that felt perfect. He did not want to let go of her. Ever. Her hand on his made him tinge. The child stirred and opened his eyes. They leaned in to take a closer look. "Is that you Miss," the child asked.

She leaned over and kissed the child on the forehead. "Yes, sweetheart." He also leaned over to look at the child. "Are you feeling better, son?"

"Yes sir." The child looked at him and puzzled expression on his face. "Who is he Miss?" She was about to answer but he cut in. "I'm her fiancé." What? She was shocked by his answer. It was not something she expected for him to say. "Isn't that right, love?" She just looked at him; she didn't know how to respond but somehow she said: "Yes."

She saw a twinkle in his eyes and it made her smile at him. As soon as the child's parents got back, she excused herself and went out of the room with him. They decided to go down to the cafeteria and talk. As they walked into the elevator, their song had played through the speakers. He smiled and looked at her. "It brings back so many memories huh?"

"Yes," she said, "It does."

"I owe a great deal to this song, you know?"

"Really?" She looked at him, "Why is that?"

"If I hadn't heard you playing this song when we were kids, then I wouldn't have wondered who was playing it and then I wouldn't have found you." She didn't know what to say after that so she kept quiet. He continued. "So, do really mean what you said?"

She looked at him confused. "I don't understand."

"You said 'yes' when we told him I was your fiancé, do you really mean that?" She thought for a moment, all of her memories of him flooding back. He was always with her. He was her comfort and happiness. She always felt safe whenever he held her close. She loved him as a friend. She loved him. "Yes. I do mean it." She smiled at him and he leaned in and gently pressed his lips to hers. He pulled back and looked down at her. Her smile was lovely and her eyes sparkling. He leaned in again and pressed their lips together but this time with more pressure. She smiled into the kissed. She was so happy that they would be together for the rest of their lives and nothing can ever separate them.

As they kissed the song that brought them together was playing in the background. Both of them never thought that a simple song and an open window could bring so much happiness in life.