Prom night came sooner than I'd have liked. It wasn't until I'd finished the final touches to my hair and makeup that I truly felt nervous. Elaine had left a couple of days earlier, but asked me to take a million pictures and email her them after the prom so she could feel like she was there.

"I can't believe he's your date for the prom, Sum" Becca giggled at me. "It's so… unexpected."

"Hey" I slapped her arm as she stifled back another snort. "Jealously doesn't suit you Van Day"

She stuck her tongue out at me and wiggled her eyebrows. I laughed and shook my head. My prom date, was… quite the surprise, to say the least.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang.

Elisa, Becca and I all dashed to the mirror to give ourselves one final once over. My red dress was on and admittedly, it did look lovely. Elisa and Becca both looked as stunning as always in their dresses too.

"Ready girls?"

"Who's here, quick look out of my bedroom window" I hissed. I hoped so badly that it wasn't for me.

"Ah, it's Lewis!" Becca smiled. "I'll go let him in. Agh, he looks so sweet. I never thought I'd say that…Lewis, sweet…gahh"

"Aha go get him girl" Elisa winked, as Becca flounced out of my bedroom and tiptoed gently down the stairs in her ridiculously high shoes. Lewis was 6ft tall, she needed all the help she could get.

A few moments later after we had waved Becca off, another car pulled up and we were shocked this time, to see a girl step out… her long red curly hair flowing wildly in the wind. She was ridiculously pretty, like she was on some sort of modeling shoot. She flashed a brilliant smile at Elisa and me as she stepped out of the car in an amazing electric blue dress. My jaw dropped.

Who is she?! I thought to myself, and judging by the look on Elisa's face I could tell she was thinking the same thing.

"Wow…I…" a deep voice came from behind us. I spun round in a shot; Will was standing at the door in his suit, looking completely and utterly…amazing. He looked straight through me though and grinned at the girl, who I was assuming was his date for the night.

"Will, wow…you look so good" she smiled and walked up to him.

"You look amazing, Kerry, I… I'm sorry … I'm just…wow…"

Kerry laughed shyly and I saw Will blush. I couldn't get over how smart he looked. He was wearing a dark grey suit, with a skinny black tie. His hair more neat than usual, he looked like he'd had a trim, it looked gooood. His potent green eyes were undeniably… dazzling. I couldn't take my eyes away from him. Or her. She was picture perfect. They looked fantastic together.

"Introduce us then, William!" Elisa squealed after a few moments. "Hi, I'm Elisa… you're Kerry right?"

"Yeah, it's good to meet you!" Kerry beamed, "You're Summer Harris right?"

"Uhh…me?" I asked dumbly.

Everyone laughed. "Duh, who else?" Elisa shook her head and rolled her eyes.

"Yeah sorry, hi… nice to meet you."

Kerry nodded her head with a kind smile, "My friend Camille should be here shortly, where is your brother?"

My eyes opened slightly wider. Will had a Brother?! Why didn't I know that???

"Oh my God, Dan is here?!" Elisa squealed. "William, why didn't you tell me?! Oh myyy… you really should have told me!"

"Because he already has a date Lise, and so do you! You tart." Will laughed.

"Hey, I didn't know you had a brother" I added. I was intrigued as to why Elisa was so excited.

"Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me." Will smiled, although I knew what he was getting at.

"Will's older brother, Dan…is a God. A fucking God. Please excuse my language." Elisa told me, she then covered her mouth quickly in the realization that we had company. Kerry laughed heartily.

"I don't mind" she grinned.

"Who's calling me a God then?" a cocky, deep raspy sounding voice came from behind the door that will had come out of just moments before. My head spun instantly in his direction, and I nearly had to pick up my jaw from the floor.

"Daniel Dawson, you sexy beast!" Elisa ran over to him and jumped up into his arms, he spun her round quickly and placed her back on the floor giving her one last tight hug. "It's so good to see you man, how's university?"

"Pretty sweet Lise, pretty sweet. How the hell are you? Where did these come from?!" he raised his eyebrows and instigated his gaze towards her breasts. Elisa pretended to be embarrassed. We all knew she wasn't.

"Cheeky" she grinned, "I've missed you, ho!"

I didn't hear what Dan said next. I was too taken in by his beauty. He looked EXACTLY like Will in the face, only he was a lot taller, more muscular, more tanned, and his hair was lighter, shorter at the sides, but still long on top, and of course he had the famous Dawson sweeping fringe. Just stunning, different to Will of course, but still…

"Kerry, I almost forgot…I've got you something…2 secs…" Will suddenly shouted out and quickly dashed into the house, Kerry looked at us for some kind of answer but we were just as oblivious as her. A few moments later he emerged with a flower in his hands, a large daisy.

"I er, this is for you…" he held his hand out and placed the daisy in her palms, not daring to look at her.

Elisa mouthed "Awwww" for what must have been a year. My stomach almost turned several times in my stomach. It was cute, so sickly cute, oh my God…he'd really thought this through.

"Wow, Will this is amazing!" Kerry beamed, "Daisy's are my favourite flower! How did you know?"

Will shrugged. "I might have asked your friend about it…"

"You're so sweet" Kerry smiled, "Here, help me put it on." She held out her wrist as Will carefully tied the flower around. At that moment, another sleek car arrived and another simply STUNNING girl stepped out. She was wearing a bright red, short cropped at the knee dress and her long light brown hair was curled into perfect loose ringlets. Her make up looked beyond flawless and I think it was safe to say, everyone gawped at her.

"You must be Camille" Dan made his way towards her looking effortlessly cool, more than anything I'd ever seen in my life. He was too cool for school, quite literally.

"Yeah, Dan right?" She smiled a wicked smile. "You're hot."

"Wow, a girl with guts!" He smiled at her, his perfect white teeth on show. "I appreciate your honesty."

Camille laughed and shook her head. "No problem."

"No, without sounding cheesy, thank you. I'm not really that big headed… and you bet me to saying it first. You're gorgeous, I'm glad I let my little bro' set me up on this date. Really am." He smiled genuinely at her and she giggled back as he threw his arm around her shoulders.

At that, most convenient moment… my date arrived. I wanted to die. Oh dear God this was going to be embarrassing.

"Summer, you look smokin' girl!!" He said re-adjusting his thick rimmed glasses onto his face, "Seriously babe, so hawt. And Elisa, is that you? Wow girl, work it…"

"Heyyy Keith!" Elisa grinned with a wave. "Looking very P-Diddy in that white suit, you pimp."

"That was the intention honey, that was thee intensh – you all look like superstars!"

"Who's this guy?" Dan laughed loudly.

"My date" I looked back at him and rolled my eyes. He laughed again, "He's hilarious. I think you win this thing, hands down… hey, why don't I even know you?"

"I'm Summer, Summer Harris…"

"Ohhh, so YOU'RE Summer?!" Dan called with a grin as Will quickly interrupted.

"Hey Sum, don't keep your date waiting! Go, go go…."

Whatever Dan was going to say next, Will obviously didn't want me to hear. I bet he'd been slagging me off to him. Great.

"Yeah, are you coming Sums?" Keith smiled and beckoned me to sit besides hi,.

I looked back and rolled my eyes at my friends, even Will was smiling at me uncontrollably. I waved goodbye to them and got into the car with Keith, eagerly awaiting our arrival at the prom.

The dance hall was literally buzzing as we entered the prom, but typically, I spotted Adam from the instant I stepped foot in the room, he looked more beautiful than ever in his tux, like some kind of movie heart throb. It really was gut-wrenching. His hair was just as messy styled and sweeping as ever, and his perfect smile was permanently fixed to his face. I was about to go over and say hi, when I noticed him pull a girl to his side, wrapping his arm gently around her waist. My mouth dropped, he really did ask a girl to the prom… and it pained me to even think it, but she was beautiful. Her hair was a light brown, scraped messily into a sleek up-do, with tiny wisps of hair falling around her cheeks. Her skin was a flawless light peach and she was wearing the most elegant, complimenting blue flowing dress. The jealousy hit me like a ton of bricks, more than I'd ever imagined it to. It felt like I wanted to cry on the spot, but at the same time I was frozen, just frozen… and then, that's when he looked at me. His eyes widened and I saw him tug a little on the girls arm. She looked up at me and at smiled a brilliant, friendly smile. They began to make their way over.

"Summer, hey… you look amazing" Adam smiled and leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek. It stung. I could still feel the warm imprint he left as he pulled away.

"Hey" I mumbled, "you don't look so bad yourself."

He grinned widely, damn I hated him.

"Oh… Summer, this is my date, Isabella."

I looked up at the girl, and realized she was even prettier close up. I wanted to hate her so badly but the aura she was creating was just too positive, too calming. She was perfect.

"Hi" I tried to look as friendly as possible, but I'm sure my tight lipped smile wasn't fooling anybody.

Nevertheless, Isabella smiled at me kindly. "Hi, it's nice to meet you. Adam's told me a lot about you."

"He has?" I replied, perhaps a bit too quickly. "I mean, wh- you have?"

"He told me all about what happened, with his parents, and you being the one who helped him discover it and…you know" she shrugged, my glare was probably making her feel awkward. I instantly felt bad.

"Oh" I laughed it off, "Yeah, it's all pretty dramatic."

"It sounds it. I really adore your dress by the way."

"Oh, thank you" I smiled, a bit more genuinely this time. "I like yours too, you guys look so perfect together."

Isabella looked up at Adam and he smiled right back into her eyes. A smile I knew all too well. He liked her, he really liked her. Then again, she seemed like a dream – what wasn't to like.

"So, Sum… who's the big date?" Adam grinned and punched me lightly on the shoulder, "Can I meet him now?"

I bit my lip hard. "Sure, he's just gone to get us drinks, and we're only here as friends. Just so ya know."

"Whatever, that's what they all saaa…"

"Summer, come help me with the cocktails!" An overexcited voice shouted at me from across the room, I spun round and nearly turned as red as my dress when I saw Keith waving at me frantically like a loon."

"Woaaah. Keith, Keith BINGLEY is your date? You have GOT to be kidding me." Adam folded his arms across his stomach and roared with laughter. Isabella shot him a disapproving look and jabbed him sharply in the stomach. He straightened up and tried to stifle his laughter.

"I'm sorry, I really am… it's just…argh I was expecting stud of the century and… hahahahahhaha, isn't he gayer than a handbag full of rainbows…?"

"Adam!!!" Isabella's eyes widened at his outright rudeness, but I knew she wanted to laugh too. I wanted to laugh as well.

"Summer, didn't you hear me?" Keith walked over to us, juggling two large cocktails and a pitcher in his hands. "I've been shouting at you, I've just spilt juice all down my sweet suit."

"Sorry, the musics loud… I didn't hear…"

Adam choked back another laugh. I shot him a look and he feigned interest in the ceiling. Of all places.

"Isabella!" Keith flung his arms out and wrapped them tightly around Isabella's neck. She returned the hug and smiled brightly at him.

"Keith Bingley, don't you look smart."

Adam and I shot each other another look. A confused one.

"Wait, you two know eachother?"

"Sure we do!" Keith beamed, "We've shared history together since like, forever."

"We have" Isabella smiled, then shot a fake angry glare at Adam, who smiled cheekily. They were so effin' cute together it made me sick.

"Adam Rileyyy" Keith spun his attentions to Adam now. "Looking very suave I must say."

"Thanks Keith, you look pretty hot yourself" Adam winked. Oh he was such a charmer. He was being such a jerk tonight it was unreal, an unbelievably hot jerk though. But nevertheless, a jerk.

Keith blushed and giggled uncontrollably. "Why thank you kind man."

I saw Adam cringe at this. Isabella and I exchanged knowing glances which pretty much said… serves him right.

"OH EM GEE!" Keith suddenly sprang into the air, if someone had been slipping drugs into his drinks it would explain a lot. "I LOVE THIS SONG. SUMMER, COME DANCE WITH ME." – Katy Perry – Hot 'n' Cold – Grrrreeeat.

"Um, think I'll sit this one out Keith" I smiled suggestively.

"Oh perrrr-lease come dance with me." He begged.

"I… I can't really dance" I told him, in all fairness it wasn't a lie.

"I'll dance with you, Keith" Isabella smiled.

"You're such a babe! I love you!" Keith grabbed her wrist.

"Wait for me, Adam?" She called back as Keith swaggered away and pulled her onto the dancefloor.

"I'll be right here" he smiled.

"She's lovely Adam" I said earnestly.

Adam's face didn't falter. He looked at me for a minute or two then nodded. "Yeah, she's great. But you and Keith Bingley eh? Well, that is a shocker I must say."

"Stop it." I mocked, shaking my head.

"I mean, I didn't think he was your type… and you're definitely not his. I've got a feeling he's using you, Summer. We can't be having that, want me to rough him up a bit?"

I laughed loudly before I had chance to think of a witty reply. "No, leave him be. Besides, he's the one dancing with your date. Maybe you should watch out…"

"Pffft" Adam sighed with a laugh and looked back over to the dancefloor. "So who's Will come with, I was dead cert that you were going to be with him…"

"No. I told you. Why would I be? He's with a girl called Kerry. She's the one in the electric blue dress."

"With the red hair?" he examined Will's date carefully.

"Yeah, she's great… another pretty girl" I added without realizing.

"She's gorgeous. Wow, Will Dawson the little looker, who'd have th… wait, what do you mean by that?"

"Nothing" I replied quickly and averted my gaze. "I just… well, I'm glad you both found the most stunning dates ever for prom."

"You're jealous, aren't you?" Adam laughed loudly and I slapped him quickly on the arm.

"No" I hissed. "I'm glad for you. Really."

"You sure?" he asked again, I knew he didn't believe me.

"Positive. Go save your girlfriend, I think Keith's gonna keep her all night, and…"

"You want him all to yourself eh?" he winked suggestively. I groaned and turned away.

"Bye Adaaaam."

"Don't go I was only joking. I know you're friends really… it's not your fault you couldn't get a real date for prom…"

My jaw dropped. Why was he being so awful tonight, but doing it in a nice way so that I couldn't be mad at him?


"You heard. Didn't realize you were that desperate."

"Adam!" I opened my mouth wide and let out a loud laugh.

"Sorry, just sayin'…" he grinned and walked over to me taking my hand, "Have a nice night Sum" – he bent down again for the second time and kissed me lightly on the cheek. This time it burned even harder. I closed my eyes, fearing they'd well up again. How the HELL did he have this effect on me? It was unnatural, totally surreal.

I watched as he walked away and joined Keith and Isabella to dance. It was pretty funny watching him trying to dance, he looked awkward. Cute but, awkward… STOP thinking about him. The voice in my head told me, only it was too loud.

"Summer I mean it."

"Huh?" I spun round quickly and nearly knocked the drinks flying out of Elisa's hands.

"Watch it crazy girl!" she yelled, "Summer, are you okay?"

"Yeah, fine, why?"

"You look, I don't know…spaced out. What's up?"

"Oh nothing" I smiled, "Just enjoying watching everyone on the dancefloor."

Elisa sat down at one of the tables and patted the seat beside her. "Watching Adam on the dancefloor?"

"No" I shook my head, "Stop saying that."

"You really like him don't you?" she sighed with a helpless expression. I simply shrugged. It was pointless trying to even deny it anymore. I really did.

"I can't imagine how hard this must be for you." She began, "I mean… finding out, well… you know that he is Jack's brother and then… all of this… you must be feeling like shit."

"You got it" I nodded, "It's awful, I don't know what I should do. Because, I can't bring myself to do this to Jack's memory, but I don't want to mess Adam about and I don't want to hurt him, and then there's this thing with Will, and my feelings for him… and in fact, wait, Adam's got a girlfriend now… why am I even bothering?!"

"WHAT?" Elisa jumped up from the table.

"What? What did I say?"

"Will… what the hell has he got to do with anything? Why did you say that, Summer?"

"I don't know, I think I…"

"Summer, don't you dare lie to me." She sounded tense, so serious.

"We kissed" I told her quietly.

"Yeah on stage I know, I know he likes you… but…"

"No, I felt something. I really felt something."

"Oh…My…Lord…" her eyes were almost protruding from her head. "This is one big DISASTER."

"Oh just rub salt in my wound why don't you?" I groaned.

"Summer, you can't go lusting after two of the hottest guys in the school and expect to get away with it lightly…"

"I knowwwwww" I moaned and put my head in my hands, "What am I gonna do?"

"That's up to you." She said "Just go with your heart, as cliché as it sounds. It's always the right way to go."

"Wow, so cryptic" I mocked and she scowled.

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