The Tragedy of Shadow and Arianna: Creation of Love

A long time ago in a forest nobody remembers by name there was a wondrous thing happening that none knew of until it had been too late to stop. It is the tragedy of Shadow and Arianna and how their sacrifice gave the world the emotion and feelings that lead to love and true happiness. Shadow, an amazing general, led the army for the Summer King; Arianna was a Princess, forgotten and exiled by her father for falling into love with the leader of that same army that would always defend her horrid father.

However their love was not meant to be because Shadow had been called off to war. Everyday Arianna would do to the spot in that magickal forest in which they first met and wait for him. Always she would return to the same spot, always she would wait for her lost love. It had been a beautiful meadow in the forest, not big but it was not small either. At night the sky was always clear and it would be ablaze with the beautiful nighttime stars.

So Arianna came day after day in hopes that her lover would return again from the war safe; she'd sing a song of love, longing, and passion each time she went and waited for his return. For days and days, then months and months, even for nearly a year after the war had ended she would go to that spot. Singing and waiting for her dreams, for Shadow. Still Shadow never came back. Eventually Princess Arianna began to give up hope of ever being with her lover again.

One day as she hummed her song to herself Arianna heard a rustle in the bushes. Startled Arianna had jumped from where she was sitting in the meadow and began to step back from the noise. But, emerging from the trees and bushes was her long lost lover, Shadow. However, he was greatly wounded, and Arianna wasn't quite sure that he would survive much longer.

Running to Shadow the Princess hugged him and took him into her arms to kiss him. She laid him down in the meadow and began to call on the spiritual and healing powers that Mother Earth has offered her family. The same power that was forced her to go into exile when she first fell in love with him, all so that she might save her lover. Of course she was able to save him, but at a great cost to herself. Princess Arianna had used too much of her power to save Shadow, and for it she was dying.

Until her last breathe she stayed close to Shadow, never wanting to leave his side even in death. With one final kiss to seal their love for eternity and truly create the love of all generations to come she once again closed her eyes but this time to never open them again. Shadow, unable to bear the loss of his true love stayed with her, holding her close to him. He did this for many suns and many moons, until eventually he too became one with the planet just as his lover Princess Arianna had.

Now it is said that if you can find the meadow that they met and had died in there is a sacred statue of the Great Warrior Shadow, and his love Princess Arianna. Some even tell tales of going there at night when the moon is new and hearing Princess Arianna's beautiful voice sing the song of her and her lover.