This is bound to piss some people off...

Play with our fears with mongering fright.
Tell me what's wrong and, above all, right,
Tell me about your god and his great plan,
Crafted in destiny for each and every man.

Tell me about that floating, imaginary hand,
That reigns in the sky over this mindless land,
By his making, all the pain that we endure,
And that afterlife, that is ours to insure.

Tell me about your inferior feelings,
And about his superior dealings.
By his great power, which gives me reason,
To contemplate his being, and plan my treason.

Tell me about his image, and how I am alike,
And to unbelievers, I may righteously strike.
And how his believers are filled with sin,
Justified by salvation with forgiveness within.

Tell me about your guilt given by god,
And how original sin is true, and not a fraud.
By natural sexuality, unnatural you say,
Even in marriage, we still betray.

Tell me about what joins me with the damned,
Into hell, like sardines, souls are crammed,
Tell me about blasphemy and Mathew 12,
How far does it tend, and deep does it delve.

Tell me about the one and only true faith,
While other paths are of the infernal wraith,
About how you are the holy hand of justice,
But your hand covers your own, in "just us".