Any title suggestions would be appreciated, as I can't think of any good ones. And I'm sorry this is so insanely short. Next chapter will be longer, I promise.

"Ah! And here we have the mighty Caeda. What's wrong? Lost your weapon?"

"Dr. Cygnus, you'll pay. My friends will find you and bring you down," I said.

"Is that so? Too bad you'll forget all about them. And, once I capture them, they won't remember you, either!"

"You won't capture them. They're too smart to fall into one of your traps."

"And you aren't? Because, last time I recall, you were considered the smartest in your little group . And notice, you're here. So it should be easy to trap them."

I looked away. "My capture was but a careless mistake. Release me at once, and they may spare your pathetic life. But I wouldn't count on it."

"Goodbye, Caeda." And everything went blank.