My apologies, people, but I actually have a good excuse this time. I had a project for Social Studies and a story due for English. My story ended up being completely horrible, but at least I got it done. So now I'm writing this in between episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho and other various animes.

Oh, and by the way, thanks to all of my readers, and special thanks to DeCoolLoser, who keeps reviewing. If no one reviewed or said anything, I'd probably trash this story, but now I know people actually care, which makes me care enough to continue. (Note to everyone... please, please review. It makes me feel happy inside. And I still haven't received any title suggestions.)

Anyway, back to the story...


"Left? 'Kay." Eri turned the wheel as far right as it would go.


"My apologies," she said, turning it to the left.


"Any idea what he's saying?"

"I think he wants me to drive." I didn't blame him.

"But I'm having fun!" she slammed down the gas as hard as it could go, giving us an instant speed boost.


"Okay, jeez... I think I have some duct tape in my backpack if Yuki can navigate."

She was answered by the sound of Yuki throwing up.

"Um, he just threw up in it. Perhaps you should consider slowing down?"

"NEVER! I have to kill the z0mb3hz!" she screamed in her usual spazzy manner. I sighed. Fool.


She slammed the breaks. "Now THAT was fun... why did we have to stop?"

"We're there, idiot." Kyo said. He must've calmed down the second she stopped.

"Bleah... you need to take driver's ed," Yuki said, looking quite green. We stepped out of the car.

"... you butts. Where is this dude, anyway?"

"This 'dude' is right here," a voice said that belonged to no one I recognized. It had a strange, flat accent to it that I couldn't quite place.

"Wha-" There was a guy standing by a building. He looked fairly normal, except for the giant battle axe he was carrying.

"Yes, it is I! Dr. Cygnus!"

"Okay, so we just have to fight him?" Eri took out her sign pole.

"Just? There is no 'just' about it!"

Yuki looked like he was about to say something, but he threw up. So Eri ran over and hit the doctor several times until he was knocked out. "Huh. I expected him to be stronger than that... hey! An axe! Cool!" She picked it up, replacing her former weapon, and finished him off.

"He is stronger, you idiot," Kyo said.

"Huh? I just killed him..."

"No, you didn't. That was definitely a clone. Dr. Cygnus is still alive, and we still need to find him."

I know, I didn't want to give up Eri's no parking pole either. It was an awesome weapon, but... you can't kill many clones with one. To my knowledge, at least. Anyway, I think Eri deserves a battle axe, don't you agree?