Turn Off the Starlight "Turn Off the Starlight"

Living in black and white
Just fine with me to be totally silent
The colors of earth oh no relent
Fire burns but I stand out instead

Turn off the starlight
It's burning my eyes
Stardust surrounds me
Just a tapestry of lies
Turn off the starlight
I can't you can bottom line
Don't shine starlight
I'm fine

Pouring my heart and soul
Into the moments of life
Up here, dreams call to you
It's a double-edged knife

Steely flavor lost to me
No, can't taste your victory
Dear Star and Starlette
Your world aint satisfactory

(Repeat Chorus)

I don't open my eyes like
you think I should
Just understand my drift
Without starlight I would

(Repeat Chorus)

Again, another song finished in five minutes! Its supposed to be an envy song, about wanting the life of a celebratiy then losing it and hating it, just to want the pain that comes with it again. Read and Review!