Day one everything goes my way
Day two I feel it slip away
Day three I want someone to pay
Day four, begin again.

Day one I am one with them
Day two I play the victim
Day three I'll break the system
Bitterly begin again.

You steal it all away
You break through every day
(Even when sickness comes to play)
Your touch can make it all okay

You're still so beautiful
I could never outshine you
I did nothing to deserve you
(Or the body that I'm in).
You're so breakable
I can't quite heal you
When the diseases overtake you
(It's back to bitter once again).

You breathe; you heal; you smile strong—
I breathe; I fear; it won't be long—
Health too a temporary trifle
Feeding back into the cycle


Maybe this time around
An answer will be found
-------The gains won't outweigh the cost
Eventually all things are lost
I can't take this anymore
I'll knock this whole world to the floor


With every turning page
This endless cycle that we're in
It's back to bitter once again.