Rock Girls
"Rock Girls"

You left me hanging by a poem
Just like the amateur you are.
Now, maybe you thought I'd cry.
But the words 'Good bye' don't take me far.

You said just order revenge on a plate.
But I'm not like you anyway, no more.
Sent you pieces of your ego.
Fed Goldie to the gulls on the shore.

Rock girls don't cry
They are stronger than you
Rock girls don't cry
These gems are numbered few
So don't waste your time
Don't have to wait to see them shine

Shapeshifter costume finally wore off
Left you to awe the storm I've soloed
Called my pride to the stand to testify
against the good days you fouled

Hah hah laugh it off, the interal sugar
You're a fool to me and mirror mirror too

(Repeat chorus)

Gave you a ticket for this thrill ride
I guess redneck pride breaks a bit easily
On the rage, on the embarassment
I heard you mutter then leave breezily

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm so hurt
Yeah right

Author's Notes:
How'd ya like it? I've only been writing songs for a while, so if you find mistakes, just take your eraser and rub it all over the screen! Anyway, PLEASE read & review!