Plato still stands

If there was even a morsel of compassion
through those hazel-colored eyes
Or a slight sense of intellect
within the patchings of that robe
Then you would have probably wondered
about the finer things in life.
If those lips spouted even a breath of knowledge
about the raw sensation of love or the structures of welfare
you might have even considered what makes man function.
But neither the curving of your mouth
nor the faint smell of mosaic can answer the eternal.

You must have sought a sense of truth
asked the question to the dilemma.
So maybe considered wise amongst your peers
yet still an inevitability to the etchings of mankind.
But if your porcelain skin was once more a beating pulse
then you would have been content.
For all your triumphs and theories are honored.
Revered among philosophers; exalted towards scientists.

But did you ever cease to think?
Did it cross your mind to stop and just say?

That the way it is, is just because.