Well, for those of you who are a CBM340 fan, I just wanted to say: Ta-da. Yeah, yeah, I know. "A new book? But you're already working on two other sequels that we are waiting for more chapters on!" I know, but I had a dream and I thought that it could be an interesting story. Not to mention that this story is the first one that I've writing like crazy in a long time. 20 pages in 50 hours. That's about 4 weeks worth of work stacked into 50 hours. Not promising that all the chapters will be like that, but I'm giving this story my momentary attention. So withuot further ado, here is Tomorrow's Mistake.

Chapter 1

Corey Reid had known a number of things to expect when his parents left town for a huge business trip. With him being a seventeen year old teen, he knew that his friends were going to want to party at his house. He knew that he was going to be lonely when the parties ceased. He knew that he was possibly going to starve due to the fact that he failed at cooking or baking even the simplest easy-bake type of foods. In fact, he managed to burn macaroni and cheese the other night. Out of everything that he had expected, he never expected to walk home to find a gun barrel pointed at his face the moment he opened the front door.

It took Corey a moment to realize what it was that was in front of his face. And the moment he realized what it was, the holder of the gun had pressed the barrel to his forehead. The term "his life flashed before his eyes" seemed a bit incorrect. The only thing that flashed by was his day, and what could have happened to get him in this position.

The first thing Corey could remember doing was waking up to the blaring sound of his cell phone which he used as an alarm clock, and lazily dragged himself from his bed to the bathroom. When he reached the bathroom, he stood before the sink and looked into the mirror. His jet black hair had been as messy as could be for it being a regularly short hair style for guys. It was far from shaven, but it sure as hell wasn't longer than his shoulders. His emerald green eyes were barely open and getting used to the light. His high metabolism and lack of sports left him skinny and lanky. He stood at about five foot nine inches, the normal height for guys his age.

He splashed cold water on his face as he remembered the day had been January 5th, two days after his birthday. No wonder he felt so tired. His parents, being a celebratory family, had partied harder than he had for the last three days. His parents always thought that any occasion worth celebrating needed to have a pre-party, day-of party, and post-day party. Even though they had school and work the next day, to Corey's disbelief. And with Corey history with schoolmates, it ended up his parents were the one's to party with his classmates, and he was the one who was cleaning up the messes.

Corey had grown up a bit distant from the school crowd. It's not that he didn't like people, because he did. He enjoyed having conversations and being social. And it's not like people disliked him or anything. It was just that he wasn't very… "popular" was the only word that Corey could think of. He didn't stand out very well in classes, he didn't go to events at school that weren't mandatory, he didn't go to any of the clubs or participate in any activities after school. He was just another kid in a sea of teens. Although everyone knew his name, due to his father, it didn't mean everyone knew who he was.

Corey thought about his dad. He had mixed feelings whenever he heard Mr. Reid, or Andrew Reid. Corey loved his father, the man, as much as the next kid, if not more. They had a great relationship. Same with Corey and his mom. Both of his parents were madly in love with each other, and they loved their son. The family had been there for each other through the years, and they shared every victory and pain one member was dealing with as if it were their own.

But the Reid family had a certain attention that Corey wasn't too fond of having: his father was in the "Top 100 Richest Men In The World" list. A multi-billionaire for creating the most safe and easy-to-use hover vehicles for the government, living in one of the largest houses in Northern California had made their house the biggest party house in the area. And with Corey's celebratory parents, they always had parties. Parties that were suppose to be for Corey, parties that his parents had their friends over, the combination of the two, open house parties, anything. His parents loved to live life to the fullest, and invited everyone to come and love life as well.

Maybe that's why I hate partying so much, Corey thought as he dried off his face and turned on the shower. His parents had been partying as long as he could remember. Sure, his parents would get a little tipsy, and every once in a while, full blown hammered, but they didn't go crazy until Corey was old enough and responsible enough to pick up after them. Corey had known the pain of cleaning up after people, and he guessed that he hated partying because he didn't want to put anyone else in that situation.

As Corey showered and dried off, he looked in the mirror again at his bare torso. He could use a lot of improvements. Perhaps if worked out a little bit, he could grow some muscle, maybe a nice little six pack. But then again, that would be mainly for the ladies, and Corey wasn't much of a girl fanatic. He's never had a serious girlfriend in his life. Hell, he'd never even kissed a girl, let alone had sex. And with his luck, he wasn't about to "get lucky" anytime soon.

I'm actually fine with that. Corey decided. And in all honesty, he was. He had seen all the drama that had gone on with a few of his close friends, Quin and Aaron, and he'd hear girls cry and complain about their boyfriends before class started or during lunch. It seemed like a lot of trouble for something as simple as putting your penis in a vagina. He knew it was more than just that, but he couldn't imagine it being all that the hype made people believe.

Even though he wasn't interested in most of the girls in school, sex, and the horny frenzy, he did have a crush on one of the girls. Sarah McCoy had been the love of his life since sixth grade, when she first complimented one of his reports on "What My Parents Do For A Living" assignment. It had been the first time that a girl had ever said anything nice to him, and it was the time that his body had gone through "the changes".

Sarah had been very different from the other girls in school, though. She was smart, but not showy in her intelligence. She was kind, caring, hard working, and, like Corey, didn't party like her friends who surrounded her. Corey had seen her at a most of his parties, but he knew that she was there to say hi to a few people, and be the designated driver for her friends. He had always wanted to talk to her, strike up a conversation, but before he could work up the nerve to do it, an interruption would happen. A friend would puke, a guy would ask her to dance, his parents would climb up onto the roof of the guest house and shout they were going to dive into their large pool. Things that always happened. He figured it just wasn't meant to be…

Corey got dressed and made sure he collected all his homework off his desk and into his backpack before walking out into the hallway. He thought that it was going to be a normal day, but the moment he saw his parents quickly scampering about with a panicked look on their face, he knew he was in store for something big.

"What's wrong?" he asked his mom as she power walked right past him. He was almost too afraid to know what was going on.

"We're late!" his mother shouted.

Like that helps, Corey thought grimly. He tried his father.

"Dad, what are you guys doing?"
"Can't talk now, son. I've got to pack before the plane leaves. Your mother and I are very late." his father jogged into the bathroom and threw stuff into his suitcase and carry-on.

"Late for what?"

"Ask your mother." his father shot out of the room and into their bedroom. When he saw his mom, Corey walked over to keep up.

"What's going on with you and dad?" he asked, out of breath with the constant running around.

"You're father has another promotion tour. We're going to that United Nations thing we told you about."

"What United Nations thing?"

"The one your father's been excited about. He's got more hover vehicles created, and also $10 million worth of food to give to the poor for charitable donations for those hungry in third world countries. And I'm going to take care of those children in those countries while you're father speaks." she turned and smiled at him. "Gotta use those UC Berkeley medical care and San Francisco State Child Psychology for something." Corey smiled. He liked how his mom could joke in the midst of hurry.

"So, how long are you guys going to be gone this time?" Corey asked as he leaned against the door frame of his mother's closet, where she was rummaging through clothes. "A few weeks? Sounds like you'll be busy."

His mother stopped what she was doing, and slowly turned towards him. She laughed a little, thinking that Corey was joking, but when she saw his sincere look of interest, she looked at him in the face with a glare of confusion. When she was done staring, she pointed to him. "You really don't know?" she asked.

"Know what?" Corey could feel that this was the news that was going to be the part of the situation he had a bad feeling about.

"This tour is going all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Pacific Islands. And to share your father's idea and to actually make a difference in each place, it's going to take a few weeks per stop…"

"So, this is going to be a couple month trip?" Corey asked slowly, already having a feeling about their answer.

"Corey…" his mother's voice was surprised that he didn't already know this information. "We're taking a break and coming back for your graduation, but after that, we won't be back until next September."

"September!?" Corey exclaimed. " Of next year!? But it's only January!"

"I thought we you told you all about this…" his mother mused, almost nonchalantly.

"You guys didn't even hint that you were leaving!" Corey's voice echoed throughout the house, and his father come into the room, looking through his drawers.

"What's wrong with Corey?" his father asked as if Corey wasn't in the room.

"You guys are leaving for more than a year and a half without me!?"

"You have a the Picto-Phone. We can have face to face conversations through telephone calls every night before you go to bed. And if we don't answer for some reason, there's always email." his father rubbed his head as if he were a little boy and this was a little problem.

"For a year and a half!?"

"Oh, c'mon…" his father flashed the same grin he has when getting cover shots for magazines. "It's for the common good for the world. Besides, you have a couple million dollar Savings account. You can live off that if you know how to spend wisely."

"Don't tell me about spending wisely. I'm the one who has to tell you guys when to stop." Corey reminded.

"Which means you'll do fine." his father rubbed his head again before throwing the carry on over his shoulder. "You have everything you need dear?"

"Believe so." when Corey looked at his folks, they both had two suitcases in each hand and a carry-on bag. Just because they were rich didn't mean his parents lacked outdoor experiences. Just the opposite. Their family went camping every year. Not the prissy, expensive camping. A tent, a few snacks, fishing pole and the great outdoors were the only thing they had while camping.

"I swear, you guys are the fastest packers I've ever seen."

"If you ever take over the family business, you'll learn, son." That was the nice thing about Corey's dad. He never pressured Corey to take over the business. His father knew that Corey was an individual who had his own hopes and dreams.

"Well, honey, we love you. See you at graduation." his mother kissed him, and his father rubbed his head one last time before they took off downstairs and into their car.

"That had to be the most impersonal good-bye in the history of family." Corey grumbled as he watched them leave from the window. "First they don't tell me shit, and now they're just gone…"

Corey decided to head to school then. His parents never had maids or butlers, and he hated being home all by himself. The mansion was huge, and eerie when alone, especially at night. He couldn't remember the last time he was actually in the house alone during the night. He shivered at the sheer imagination of it. Yeah, it was best he got out of the house. Besides, he lived a ways out of town, and going through traffic was going to leave him only a few minutes early.

When Corey got to school, he parked in his usual spot, and there waiting for him were his best friends. Quin Patterson and Aaron Williams. Quin had been friends with Corey as long as they could remember, and their families were just as close. Standing at 5' 7", a couple of inches shorter than Corey and rather ordinary brown hair the same length as Corey, Quin could have been seen as another face in the crowd like Corey had been. But Quin made sure his presence was known. He was the partier of all parties, he was loud, yet charming. And he constantly wore a goofy grin on his face. Not to mention that he was the biggest playboy in the school.

Yet Aaron, still a bit more of a partier than Corey, was polar opposite with Quin. He had been the calm, collective type who thought things through. He played basketball, and could have been team captain but refused for the title. Aaron wasn't much of a person was proud of titles. With him being 6' 1" with shorter, blond hair and sparkling grey eyes, he had been a charmer with the ladies. Although he actually dated the women who found interest in him, unlike Quin, he still got around. The women he usually dated ended up boring him, and he politely and gently told them that. Aaron had always been rational, as long as the two had met with him back in sixth grade when he moved from New York to California.

The moment that Corey had stepped outside of his car and saw the look in Quin's eyes, he knew that there was going to be trouble. Quin always had that look when he wanted something that seemed out of the question.

"So…" Quin eased into his statement with a nice arm around Corey's shoulder. "I hear your folks are out of town."

"No!" Corey said sharply. He knew exactly what Quin was implying. Throughout the years, Corey couldn't tell his parents he didn't want to have parties since it was their house, but he could definitely tell his friends no. "No parties at my house. None. I'm tired of cleaning up after everyone who doesn't even remember who I am if you don't attach my last name. Even then I'm just 'Reid's boy.'"

"Aw, c'mon man!" Quin egged on as they walked onto campus. "Don't be such a downer."

"I'm not being a downer," Corey pouted. "I'm being rational."

As they walked through the quad, several hellos and flirts had been passed towards Quin and Aaron. But nobody acknowledged Corey whatsoever. They made it to their first class, by which some miracle all three of them had been in, and Corey took Quin's arm off of him.

"See, that's exactly what I'm talking about." Corey said. "Nobody even says hi to me, yet they party at my house almost every weekend. I'm not having that happen anymore."

"Aright, dude. Chill, I get it. No parties." Quin sounded disappointed. But then his face had gotten the same grin he had in the parking lot.

"You're finally going to bang a chick, aren't you? That's why you want the house to yourself. So who is it?"

"No, I'm not going to bang a chick!" Corey exclaimed, and everyone who had been in class turned their heads toward him. He didn't realize he had been so loud. Corey sunk into his chair and covered his head with his arms while lying on the desk.

As the minutes ticked by, more and more students started to fill into the classroom. It was a couple minutes before class started when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He raised his head to see Sarah McCoy looking at him. She was probably 5" 4', an average height. But her long, silky, fiery red hair and penetrating green eyes had been the eye catcher. And the tight maroon sweater that hugged her body had shown off her chest. As Quin usually said about her breasts, "They may not be melons, but they sure as hell ain't apples." And Aaron usually translated that to be, "She's probably a C cup. But they're a mighty fine C cup." All in all, she was a perfect eye candy. And with her innocent personality, it was an attraction for all the males at school.

"Hey, Corey." she smiled, and it through Corey in a brain fart. It took him a few tries to reply with a stammered, "Hell-hell… hi."

"How're you doing this morning?"

Was she actually having a conversation with him?

"I'm doing pretty good." he managed to say after clearing his throat. "You?"

"I'm doing good." she looked behind her and then sighed as she looked back at Corey. "I don't mean to be come off as pushy or anything, but my friends had been wondering if you were having a party tonight, seeing as it's Friday night. I don't know why, but they had me ask for them. I could really care less. You know why I'm there all the time." she implied with the designated driving.

And Corey did know why her friends had her be the one to ask him. Quin and Aaron had been trying to hook up Corey and Sarah up ever since they found out he liked her in the eighth grade. And what better way to secretly get information on a girl then through her friends? And since her friends approved of Corey since he wasn't a pig like every other guy in the school, they had hinted towards what a wonderful guy Corey had been, but she didn't seem to get any of the hints. They could have pushed further, but they wanted Corey to do some of the work.

So, they sent her over to hin because they knew he liked her. And what guy had the heart to say no to the girl he liked? And if Corey had known any better, he knew it was Quin and Aaron who told the girls that if they could get Sarah to talk to Corey, there would be a party. Bastards, he thought as he took a quick glare at them, who were smiling and giving him a thumbs up.

"Well, I'm not sure if I'm going to have one," for a brief second, there was the look of disappointment in Sarah's eyes. So she wanted to go to a party after all? The only reason he was able to start to say no was the fact that she sounded irritated by the driving her friends home. "This weekend." he said slowly. "I mean, my parents just left, and I kinda wanna adjust to it. I haven't been home completely alone before, and it's a big house. I kinda need the time to get used to everything. Next weekend?"

"I dunno," Sarah winked at him, her voice seemed pleased with that answer. Everyone won. There would be a party eventually, Corey got his alone time, and Sarah didn't have to drive people. She sarcastically added: "My girls might be really disappointed."

"You know, tomorrow's Saturday. You still have Sunday to relax, you pussy!" Quin said from across the room.

Corey could see that Sarah's friends were giggling, and not in a taunting manner. But this was it. Everyone was pressing him to have a party. He knew that he didn't want to. He had to be strong. He had to stick to his morals. He had to tell them how he really felt about everything.

"Maybe…" he said weakly, giving in. Everyone knew what the answer was going to be by tomorrow.

"Alright. Well, I'll talk to you later." Sarah smiled and gave a smile wave before sitting in her seat. The school bell rang and the teacher walked in, and everyone sat in their seats, Corey in the middle of Quin and Aaron.

"You guys are jerks." Corey stated as he put his head on the desk in defeat. The two laughed as the teacher started their lecture.

The rest of the day had been pretty normal. Just taking notes, taking a test in science, which he knew he failed, and talking to Quin and Aaron after school. He refused to let them come over because he knew that they would pressure him to have a party right then and there. So he drove home alone, fumbled for his house keys, and imagined just relaxing and watching some TV, maybe hit the hot tub in the winter months to warm up. Maybe even order some pizza. That's when he opened up the door and noticed all the lights in the house were off, and the curtains were closed leaving everything really dim. Then he found the gun in his face. And with the lighting of the outside and the darkness of his house, he couldn't tell who it was.

"Get inside," the voice commanded. But Corey was paralyzed with the realization that there had been a gun- a real gun!- pointed at his face. "Now!" the voice barked after Corey's hesitation. Corey raised his hands in surrender and slowly walked inside his house. Once he was inside, the weapon holder had closed the door behind him. "Turn around," they barked before he could get a look at who they were. It sounded like a woman. But with his face now to the door, he couldn't tell.

"Now put your hands against the door and spread your legs." the woman ordered, and Corey complied. She started to pat down Corey's legs, looking for something.

"Look," Corey croaked. "If you're looking for my parents, they're not here. And if you're looking for money, I can-"

"Shut up," the woman said icily as she patted down his chest from behind. She turned him around and then pushed his back up against the door. When he looked at the person, he was stunned. Standing before him was a girl no older than he was. She had skin tight, elastic looking jumpsuit that covered her from foot to neck. But there had been some metal padding in the shoulders and chest section. And from what Corey could tell, her breasts easily matched Sarah's. Not too big, definitely not too small… Hell her whole body had rivaled against Sarah's. The girls face was exotic, as if a combination of two foreign countries. Something South American and Asian perhaps. But the results had been astonishing and amazing. She would have one America's Top Models no problem had she not been about 5' 5", supposedly three inches too short. Her hair was long, a shiny jet black with one strand of purple in the front. Her eyes, Corey had noticed, were a strange color for a human: maroon.

The girl had been done patting Corey down, and was just staring at his face, studying. She shifted around, not letting the gun leave the range of his head.

"You're really the Corey Reid?" she asked, but it sounded like she was asking herself.

"Yeah… were you expecting something different?"

"Yeah." the girl stated as she cocked her gun. "I didn't expect you to be so cute." she whispered, yet Corey heard. That definitely wasn't something that Corey expected to hear. If memory had served correctly, that had been the first time a girl had actually called Corey cute. Home, alone with a girl, held at gun point. Definitely not how he pictured it. "Too bad I have to kill you." the girl said nonchalantly.

"Kill me!?" Corey squeaked.

"That's the mission. Kill Corey Reid, son of Andrew Reid, the creator of the hovercraft, and founder of-" she stopped, as if she were about to tell a big secret. "Can't compromise the mission." Corey wasn't sure if she was telling him or herself. "If I let you know one thing, it could destroy the future."

"Future?" Corey questioned.

"Why am I even talking to you? I came to kill you and set things straight in my time."

"Look, I don't know who you are, or why it is you have to kill me, but I've got money I can give you. Lots of it."

"The American currency proved to be as worthless as dirt back in 2083. We no longer use money."

"What do you want? I'll give you anything!" Corey pleaded.

"There's only one thing I want. And that's your life."

Corey knew that talking about anything with this girl was almost useless. It was either fight or flight at this moment, and seeing that he had no weapon of his own to fight with again a gun, he was going to have to-

Corey's cell phone started to ring, and the girl looked around. She looked up and down Corey's body as the ringtone continued.

"What is that?" she demanded, and Corey could tell that she was feeling threatened by the noise.

"It's my cell phone…" Corey was surprised this girl had never heard of a cell phone.

"You're what?" she questioned.

Corey had to stop and think of how to explain what a cell phone was. He really guessed that this girl was from the future. Either that, or she was entirely crazy. The clothing she was wearing, the gun she was holding, and the fashion that she wore… he didn't doubt that the future thing was real.

"It's my… communication device."

"Well, turn it off. It's annoying as hell." she ordered.

"The only way to turn it off is to answer it." he lied quickly. He knew that if he could talk to somebody, he could stall for time to think of a plan.

"Can the person calling you see me on that primitive device?" she questioned. "Is it a Picto-phone, or have those not been created yet?"

"No… it's audio only."

"Answer… and make it quick. I don't want to stay in this era any longer than I need to."

Corey nodded and answered his phone.

"Hello? Oh, hey Quin… yeah, no just here by myself… yeah I'm at home… sure if you want to… you're already here? Well come on in… alright… see you in a second… bye."

The girl looked at him in confusion.

"What's happening?" she asked.

"My friend Quin is here. He's walking to the front door right now."

"What!?" the girl shouted. Having another person here would compromise the mission. She looked out a small sliver of a window that was next to the door, She didn't see any extra automobile. She didn't see anybody out there. She opened the door just a bit, and peered outside through the crack. Nobody was there.

"I don't see your friend any-" she turned back around, and Corey was at the top of the staircase. She raised her gun and fired a couple of shots, missing him both times. He was out of view, and she began chasing him.

Corey didn't know what he was going to do. He knew that the house was big and he could use that to his advantage. He'd be able to lose her a couple of times, but he knew that he couldn't hold up the game of cat and mouse forever. He needed to lose her, and then he needed to get outside. Just hop into his car and get the hell out of here. He didn't know where he'd go, but needed to get out.

He turned a corner in his long hallway, and heard a gunshot. She just missed him. She was gaining on him, and he needed to hide. And what he really needed right now was to be in shape. I'm hitting a gym if I make it out of this.

He decided his bedroom was best. He had a few paintball guns that were loaded and ready for action just in case Quin and Aaron ever decided to ambush him like they did last summer. It wasn't nearly as affective as a gun, but at least it caused pain, and having her dodge paintballs was a good distraction.

Corey ran into his room and slammed the door, hearing three bullet wholes rip through his door. He leaped behind his bed and grabbed his paintball by the window and sat behind it, completely covered by his bed, which he was realizing wasn't going to stop a raging bullet. But weak cover was better than no cover. He heard his door slam open and another shot rang out. He had no idea where she shot, but it was far away from him. He poked the paintball gun over the top of his bed, and fired a few times blindly.

"Ow! What the hell are these things?" he heard her shout. He fired more shots, and he heard her scream more until she finally said. "Alright, alright! I surrender, I SURRENDER!"

Corey got up with a grin on his face. He knew that he came up with a good plan. Now it was time to get some answers from this… When he looked at the girl, he had notice not a single paintball had hit her. Hell, the paintballs weren't even in her general direction, but across the room. She tricked him, and he fell for it.

"Sorry, kid… Looks like it end here."

Corey held his paintball gun to his face as a reflex, and she shot another bullet. But with Corey's amazing luck, the bullet had hit the paintball gun at the neck of the CO2 tank, sending the tank shooting out at rocket speed… directly towards the girl's head. The moment that Corey had heard the heavy CO2 tank make contact with the girl, he knew for certain that she was dead. He'd read about deaths all over the world from rogue tanks that shot out at people's heads and necks. And to take it directly to the forehead, Corey noted as he saw the giant bruise that was there, was something nobody would be able to live.

Corey walked over to the body and picked up the gun that she was firing earlier. The gun, to his surprise, was extremely heavy. It had to weight at least thirty pounds. He was impressed that somebody was able to run around with all that weight around them. And then it finally hit him. She really was from the future, and she wasn't crazy. Somebody in the future had wanted him dead. What did that mean? Was he menace in the future? Did he become somebody horrible? Or was he somebody so amazing, that a person of evil wanted him dead? And how far into the future was this girl from? She mentioned that currency went out in 2083. And she made that sound old. She was more than a hundred years into the future, at the very least. And to die in a period that wasn't hers… sounded like something Corey never hoped to happen to him.

"Goddammit, my head…" he heard the girl groan, and he quickly looked at her. Sure enough, she was starting the sit up, holding her head where she was hit. And Corey saw that the bruise was shrinking at a rapid pace. Her body was healing itself in such a fast rate! Corey was amazed until the girl had locked eyes with him.

"You are so dead…" she growled, her wrath starting to grow again.

Corey quickly pointed the gun at her and gave his most intimidating face. But he guess he wasn't very intimidating, because the girl had grinned.

"You're not going to shoot me." the girl stated matter-of-factly.

"What makes you think that?"

"You're a normal civilian in the twenty first century. Even though your kind has been exposed to a lot of violence through simulations called 'movies' and 'video games', doesn't mean that you can do it in real life."

"Don't test me…" Corey warned.

"Or what? You'll shoot me?" the girl had laughed a bit. It was a mocking laugh, and Corey didn't enjoy it. In fact, it pissed him off. And the girl could see that, and she laughed more and more. Until Corey couldn't take it anymore and pulled the trigger, shooting another bullet out of the gun.

Corey froze. He actually shot the gun. He didn't mean to, but the chick was being way too demeaning. Plus, she had been shooting him earlier. But, just as fate would have it, Corey had missed his shot. Only by a couple of inches, but having the gun pointed point blank at her made her laugh even harder. Corey got annoyed, and repositioned himself for another shot, but the girl slapped the gun out of his hand with ease. Corey really needed to go to the gym if he could make it out of this situation.

"You actually shoot the gun and miss? And then you let your hostage disarm you? I really don't see what kind of threat you could pose. Other than creating retarded babies."

Corey wasn't listening. In fact, he dove for the gun that was smacked out of his hand, but the girl had tackled him out of the way, and the two landed on Corey's bed. The girl took out a second hand gun and pointed it to his head.

"There's no escaping this time," she said darkly. But Corey was a fast learner. He smacked the gun out of her hands, which slid across the floor. Corey gave her a look that said, "You're not the only one who can do that."

"You dare touch my beloved weapons!?" she shouted as she wrapped her hands around Corey's throat. His air had been completely shut off. He had been choked before, but was still able to breath a little bit. But this time, no air was coming in or out. Corey thrashed about, trying to get her to let go, but her grip wouldn't lessen. He tried pulled her arms off of him, but to no avail. Shit, I'm seriously going to die in my own bed with a hot girl on top of me, strangling me to death? Most guys would consider this a good death, but…

Corey thrashed his arms around, doing his best to fight back in anyway possible. He got his hands on her shoulder armor, and tried pulling her shoulder down. Maybe it would distract her long enough for him to get a good breath in. Bur instead, the armor just came off and landed on the ground with a heavy thud. He tried again with the other shoulder, and the same thing happened. His vision started to go blurry and he was losing his strength. He was beginning to pass out. He hit something hard and started to yank on that as well, and he heard it crash on the floor, but her grip of death remained. He reached out and felt two large lumps. He grabbed them, hoping they were her shoulders or something to get her off of him. Yet, they felt a little… soft…

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BREASTS!" the girl shouted as she bashed is head into his pillow, but it had distracted her grip and he was able to get a breath in. That was the trick. To touch her sensitive area until she succumbed to his will. Or he died, which ever happened first. Either way, he stayed attached to her breast as if his life depended on it. Technically, it did. The two both had their grip of death, and neither were going to give up until-

"Hey, Cor. Your front door was unlocked and you said it was alright if I came over, so I…" Quin walked into the room, reading a magazine at first, but when he looked up, he froze at the sight. Corey was on the bed, a gorgeous girl with her hands around his neck seemed to be straddling him, and he had his hands on her tits. Quin smiled, and started to walk out of the door. "You kids have fun."

He closed the door, and the girl looked at Corey.

"Shit, the mission's been compromised… I can't have other people knowing of my mission here. That can mess up the entire future…"

The girl had quickly gotten off the bed, obviously at a loss for what to do next. She picked up her guns and armor before looking at Corey's window, muttering about which parts of the future she had to have ruined, none of which Corey understood. She opened the window, and sat on the window sill. Before she dropped out of the second story window, she took a look at Corey.

"Mark my words, Corey Reid, I will end your life."

And with that she was gone. When she dropped, Corey ran to the window, and didn't see her anywhere. When he felt that she was actually gone, he ran downstairs to see that Quin was now watching TV. When he heard Corey's footsteps he looked at his friend.

"You're done already? You didn't even get her naked when I came in. You can't be done yet."

"Quin, listen. That chick was trying to kill me!" Corey exclaimed.

"I'll say." Quin laughed, thinking Corey was implying a sexual innuendo.

"No, Quin, this girl was from the future, and she said that she had to kill me, and she was chasing me around the house with her guns, and then tackled me onto my bed, and-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… Stop right there, dude. I don't want to know about your little role play fantasies." Quin said in disgust. "However, if you wanna tell me who that gorgeous beauty was, I wouldn't mind that kinda info."

"Quin, it wasn't like that!" Corey shouted in frustration. But before Corey could go into detail about what was really happening, he thought of something. Corey's story had sounded crazy. Corey wouldn't have believed himself had he heard the story from an outsider's point of view. And maybe it was better nobody else knew about it. Nobody was going to take him seriously, so he should figure it out on his own (like he most likely was going to end up doing) without the ridicule.

"So, you're not going to tell me who that chick was?" Quin questioned after Corey's long silence.

Corey ignored him, interested in some things. The girl had come all the way from the future to kill him. And she said something about her staying in this time era longer than necessary. Did that mean that she couldn't go home until Corey was dead, or did she just refused to go back until the job was done? Who the hell would want Corey dead, anyway. Corey really couldn't see himself be so bad that someone in the future would go through the trouble to go back in time and have him killed.

Speaking of killing, now that his folks were gone, this girl had more than a year to attempt to kill him. Since his house was more than a mile from a neighbor, he could have been killed with nobody knowing. And he couldn't have Quin or Aaron stay the night every night for year, especially without a good explanation. Even if Corey did manage to get them to stay, what was stopping that girl from killing them as well? Maybe all she needed was an okay in order to kill Quin and Aaron. Corey would much rather die alone then drag his friends down with him all because Corey couldn't handle his own problems.

"Fine, dude. Don't answer me. I'll just go back to watching TV." Quin said as he hopped back on the couch. But after flipping through some channels, he called out to Corey again. "So what are we going to do tonight, anyway? It's Friday. There's gotta be something interesting going on."

What were they going to do? A girl with two guns knew how to break into the house, and could possibly kill two or three kids with ease. Just because Corey was able to get out once didn't mean it was going to keep happening. He needed to have a plan. Something that could protect them against even the most well trained assassin. Then it hit him. Corey knew exactly what could save both him and his friends. The girl might get the okay to kill two or three boys, but there was no way that she'd get an okay to kill forty or fifty people.

"Quin…" Corey had a grin on his face when his friend turned to him. It was a grin of victory and relief. "Get your phone ready. We're going to have a party tonight."


The party had been a complete success, not that Corey doubted that it would be. But there had been well over eighty people over at him house, almost half of them were people he'd never seen before. Probably kids from other schools that got wind of the massive party going on at Corey's. Not that he minded. The more the merrier in this case. Corey couldn't help but smile as he remembered the face of Quin when Corey told him that twenty people weren't enough and to call even more.

Everything was going great, Corey realized. He had enough people to want to keep an assassin away, he lived miles away from neighbors, so there wasn't going to be any complaints, and even though there had been a massive amount of booze and weed, the party had seemed more like a chill zone rather than a Rager like Corey imagined it would be. Everything was going his way.

Corey was monitoring the hot tub area, making sure nothing too bad was happening. He heard stories of drunks falling into pools and drowning at parties, and avoiding death was the reason he put on the party, not to instigate it. He looked at the large hot tub. His parents knew that people were going to want to get wet no matter what time of year it was, so they made a Jacuzzi the size of a pool, which Corey wondered how much it was to keep the whole thing warm.

As he sat there, half watching people, half thinking about that assassin chick, he felt someone sit next to him on the beach chair he sat on. He looked over to see Sarah sitting right next to him.

"Nice party." she smiled. "I didn't realize it was Saturday yet."

"Yeah," Corey croaked. He didn't know why he had such a hard time getting conversations started with her. She, most girls made him uncomfortable, but he just couldn't function around Sarah. But it didn't seem like she noticed. If she did, she sure didn't show it. Corey cleared his throat. "I guess it's because I got a little lonely."

"I could imagine," Sarah sighed. "I wouldn't want to be in this huge house all by myself for such a long time. How long are your parents gone? A year was it?"

"And a half," Corey added. "How did you know?"

"Everyone knows. They're all seeing how many weekends we have for parties that aren't monitored by adults. Not that it's any different when your parents are here."

"Ah," Corey soaked in the information. Well, at least people were starting to talk about him in a sense.

"I've noticed you never really partake in the partying activities. You don't drink or smoke. Like, ever."

"I guess that stuff doesn't intrigue me. Plus, somebody has to clean up when your parents are passed out from partying too hard." Corey shrugged. He didn't see it as that big of a deal.

"Well, that's what I like about you." she smiled.

Corey looked at her into her eyes, looking for any underlying meaning in that statement. He looked, but he was just more confused. There was such warmth in her eyes, yet he didn't think she meant "like" as in a crush.

Before Corey could say anything, Quin had collapsed onto Corey. Corey, who had fought to get them both sitting straight up, could smell alcohol on every inch of Quin. He looked at his friend, who's eyes were half open, and half conscious.

"Dude…" Quin held that word for a long time. "You are the king!"

"What?" Corey asked. "Are you drunk?"

"Yes! And I… I'm proud of it!" Quin shouted, which made Corey mouth the word "wow" to Sarah, who giggled. Quin didn't seem to notice and continued on with his tangent. "Man, you don't even know." his words were heavily slurred. "You just sit here on your throne with your queen here," he pointed to Sarah. "And you just rule this fucking place. You… you're like a god!" Quin sounded like he discovered Atlantis with how much enthusiasm went into his words.

"Well, I should check on my friends and see if any of them are in this state." Sarah smiled. She got up and turned around. "Quin, make sure to drink lots of water, eat some crackers and stuff so your hang over won't be so bad."

"You don't tell me what to do, Sarah McCoy! I'm not your husband. This guy is." he pointed to Corey and giggled a bit. "He's the one who wants to marry ya. Get ya into his bed, and maybe even fu-"

"Okay…" Corey said loudly, cutting Quin off. "Let's not get carried away here."

"Man, you're the one who's getting carried away with those dirty fantasies of yours." he looked back at Sarah. "You be careful of this kid, Sarah. He likes them titties. And we all know you've got some titties."

Instead of looking upset, disgusted, insulted or the combination of the three, Sarah just went along with it and laughed.

"Thank you, Quin. I take that as a compliment." she gave them a wave. "Well, I'll remind you of what you said on Monday, Quin. And I'll talk to you later, Corey."

With that, she was gone. She said she was going to talk to him later. This was the first time ever that she'd actually gone up and talked to him. Sure, she said hello when she saw him, but she never actually made a conversation like that. And she just said she was going to talk to him again! Even though it was short and sweet, Corey couldn't help but feel incredible about her talking to him.

"Dude, I'm so sorry…" Aaron ran up to them. "I had my eye on him, and he tried to walk up to you two when she first sat down by you, and I told him no. I look away for a second, and he's already messing up your moves with her." he wrapped an arm around Quin, helping him to his feet.

"It's okay. It's not like you sent him on me." the two laughed and Quin looked Aaron.

"Aaron, you're just mad because Corey's a man, and you're a pussy."

"Sure, Quin. If you say so." Aaron amused Quin with always telling him he was right when he was drunk.

"I do say so. You aren't the guy chatting it up like a champ with one girl, and grabbing a chicks tits in your bed in the same night." Corey, who knew exactly what Quin was referring to, looked at Quin in horror. He didn't think Quin would bring that up sober, and he thought he might have been too drunk to remember.

"Oh yeah?" Aaron asked, giving Corey a smile that said he didn't believe a word that was coming out of Quin's drunken mouth.

"Yeah. Grabbing huge ass tits. She was all on top of him and everything… and you know what else?"


"Corey has a fetish."

"Does he?" Aaron's smile had widened. Aaron loved listening to Quin when he was hammered out of his mind

"Yep yep." Quin put his mouth up to Aaron's ear, as if he was telling a secret, but whispered loudly, "Corey likes to be choked while he's messing around with chicks. I saw him get chocked out… " and then he went off into a giggling frenzy.

"I promise I won't tell anybody." Aaron stated, giving a wink at Corey.

Corey, on the other hand, was still aghast that Quin had seen and remembered everything. Sure, it might have been shocking to walk in on a friend in that condition, but there had been so much more going on in the past evening that Corey would assume Quin would be more interested in sharing.

"Hey, Corey," Quin asked when he was finished giggling. "That chick… she's pretty hot. And… I think she's really interested in you."

"No… no kidding?" Corey tried to play off the same game that Aaron did, but he was having trouble masking his shock and fear of anybody believing anything that Quin was saying.

"Yeah. But she's really nice, and she knows how to hold her drink down… She out drank me!" That was some news of concern. Apparently, tonight, alcohol had been a truth serum for Quin, and he wouldn't make something like this up. But perhaps he thought the girl was somebody else, or the girl he was drinking with looked like the assassin. Alcohol did things to you. Plus, he only got a quick look at her. Like hell he'd know exactly what she looked like…

"Yep… she kept asking me questions about you and what you like to do and stuff. She must really want your balls…"

"Yeah, must be." Corey could feel himself calm down after taking another deep breath. Quin was mistaken. He had to be mistaken. That girl wouldn't come here and try to kill him in front of all these people. Nor would she risk killing an innocent person, which could happen by accident in an open fire. Otherwise, she would have just killed Quin when it was just the three of them in the house. Plus, if just knowing things from the future can ruin the future, like she kept claiming, he couldn't imagine what killing a person would do.

"Dude…" Quin was staring out into the crowd. "Dude. She's staring at you right now."

"What!?" Corey shouted, which made Aaron stop smiling and look at Corey with curiosity and concern.

"Yeah, man. She's right over there." he pointed lazily to a group of teens talking and drinking. And sure enough, the assassin was amongst them, in normal clothes, holding a beer, and looking directly at him. But the moment they locked eyes, she put down her beer, stood up and started to walk over to him.

"Dude, she's on her way over here." Quin laughed. "She's pretty forward and bold."

"Um… yeah…" Corey's voice cracked.

"Make sure that you tell her I've got a big dick when she realizes your no good in bed."

Corey didn't answer him, but only watched as she inched closer, squeezing through people to get to them. When she got to the trio, she put on a smile.

"Hey, Corey, what's up." she asked.

Corey didn't respond at first. He was still frozen in shock and fear. He only continued to look at her.

"What's up, Big Tits?" Quin questioned.

"Sorry, about that," Aaron stated quickly, knowing that those words were enough to piss a girl off not only at the person who said, but all surrounding friends. "He's a little out of his mind."

"I should be the one apologizing. I'm the one who kinda played too many drinking games with him." So, Quin was right. She had been drinking with him. Most likely to get information about Corey. He did say that she was asking a lot of questions. The girl looked over at Corey again.

"Do you mind if I talk to you, Corey. Privately?"

She had done it. Corey thought that the party would drive her away, or at least force her to leave him alone. But she had blended in, acted like a normal girl, and turned the tables on him. Anybody would think it was crazy to not talk to a girl this hot alone, and they knew that Corey would talk to any other girl who wanted to talk to him privately, no problem, because they usually had a question about one of his friends. If he said no, it would have been out of character for him. But he couldn't let everyone know who this girl was. That would cause a panic…

"S…sure." he stated. She took him by the hand and lead him inside. She lead him up the stairs, and as she did, he locked eyes with Sarah, who's look went from curious to shock as she realized where they were heading. When the shocked part appeared, she turned her head away and walked outside. Well, Corey concluded. At least when they find my dead body, she'll know I didn't have sex with this girl after all and it was just a misunderstanding.

The girl lead Corey to his bedroom and sat him on his bed before going back to close the door. When the door was closed, she took out her pistol and aimed at his head. For once, Corey wasn't freaked out by the fact that the gun was pointed at his head. He had admitted defeat the moment he saw her staring at him in the crowd. They would exchange a few words, and he'd be dead in a minute or two.

"You know," the girl started. "This, right here, is what I came for. I came here, back in time, in order to kill you."

"Yeah, you kinda told me that earlier this afternoon." he shrugged.

"In my time period, we are ordered to do things, and everybody does what their told without question. My time period is an emotionless time. Everything is in ruin, people kill each other without hesitation in order to survive, nobody enjoys anything. Anyone else who had been sent on this mission would have shot you the moment that you opened your front door this afternoon."

Corey took a moment and thought about it.

"If that's the way everybody does things in your time period, then why didn't you?"

"That's the exact reason I haven't shot you since I've brought you into your room: I don't know. I don't know what made me hesitate, I don't know what caused me to stop and I don't know why, but this feels wrong." The girl had lowered her arm, and put the gun on top of one of his dressers.

"What feels wrong about it?" Corey asked, and he knew it was stupid. He should have just sat there and let her think that it was wrong to kill him, not encourage her.

"I was told that you were a menace, and part of the Twelve Seraphim, an organization that used their good into the world to popularize themselves as gods. But as soon as somebody had said anything bad about the twelve or anything they've ever done, those people were killed. And within a few years, another holocaust was created. It was like, as your more familiar with, Hitler all over again. Only this time, it wasn't just killing off one man to save the world, but twelve. Twelve men that not just one country adored, but the world. And it wasn't just Jews who were killed and tortured this time, but anybody the Twelve seemed fit."

"And I'm supposedly part of this twelve?" Corey asked.

"According to records and reports." she stated. "But, there's something I don't trust."

"What's that?"

"I found out that my government and the people who've hired me have been lying to me and the world as long as I can remember. I don't know what's true or what stories they've made up. And one thing they lied about was very personal, and I intend on making sure that I'm not making any mistakes."

"So, what are you going to do?"

"Well, I realized that you're not some psychotic maniac bent on destruction like I thought you were. You don't even seem to have a hint of psychological disorders or anger or anything. So I can't just attack you knowing that much."

"Do you think it's true then? That I'll end up joining the Twelve Seraphim?" Corey asked.

"I don't know." the girl shrugged her shoulders. "From what I see now, no. You lack the strength, intelligence, manners and handsome good looks to be one of the twelve."

"Hey!" Corey shouted, and the girl smiled. "You said I was cute earlier." Corey reminded.

"Yeah, I did. And it's true. Which is why living here is going to be a lot easier."

"Wait…" It took Corey a moment to get what she had just said. "Living here?!" he repeated.

"How else am I going to keep an eye on you all throughout the day? If I'm to watch you and make sure you don't do anything suspicious, living with you is the best way."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no…" Corey said quickly. "There is no way that you're living with me. How the hell would I explain that to people?"

"Think of something," the girl picked up the gun again and pointed it at Corey. "Or we could go with my original plan."

"No!" Corey squeaked. Then he replied, trying to seem under control, "I mean, that's not necessary."

"Thought so," the girl lowered the gun again with a smile.

She looked pretty cute with her smile when she wasn't trying to kill you, Corey decided. But with her living here, how was he going to explain things to people? How was he going to explain things to Sarah? That dirty look that she gave him was enough to kill a man. And then there was Quin and Aaron. He wasn't sure if he could tell them the truth. Actually he knew he couldn't tell them the truth. Aaron for one, wouldn't believe him, and Quin would just blab the secret to the whole world. This would have to stay in the house. Just between the two of them. Between him and…

"Say," Corey started to say to the girl as she took off a backpack and seemed to be taking objects out that didn't seem to physically fit in the bag alone let alone with all the other things she was pulling out. Books, armor, a futon, a computer, she quickly took out a sniper rifle, machine gun, and a couple of grenades and mines before putting them back in her bag. "You got enough?"

"I think so." she smiled at him.

"What about clothes. I don't see any clothes in your around."

"That's because I need to scan all the clothes of this time period and print them out."

"Print? Like how people print papers from a computer?" Corey sounded surprised, and had a hard time imagining that.

"Yeah…" the girl nodded, and then she realized what time era she was in. "Man, you guys are primitive."

"Well, sorry." he spat playfully.

After a few moments, the girl looked out the window back to the party. She stood there, scanning for a while until Corey stood next to her and looked out the window along side with her.

"What are you looking for?" Corey asked.

"Well, it's rumored that my great grandmother was from this time period, and that she lived in this area. She should be about your age. I was just wondering if someone of my lineage would be in this kind of party. According to my grandfather, she couldn't hold her liquor at all."

Corey looked down at the crowd and didn't see any girls that were too drunk for their own good. But then again, the girl could have meant that one beer could have caused her great grandmother to get wasted, and everyone down below was either blazed or hammered.

"Well, what's…" he was about to ask for the girl's grandmother's name, but he realized something. "What's your name? I mean, I've known you for most of an afternoon of you trying to kill me, and you've known my name, but I don't know yours. Maybe I can help you find your grandma. I'm pretty sure I know her, or at least of her."

"My name?" she asked, hesitatingly. "Well, I suppose I can trust you. I mean, telling you my name shouldn't destroy the future or anything." she stood up straight and extended her hand, in which Corey shook as she said, "Well, Corey Reid, my name is Terra McCoy."

Corey froze. That last name. Even though this girl looked nothing like her, Corey already knew what she was going to say before it was ever said. "Great granddaughter of a Sarah McCoy."