IThappened at night. The sound of the first guitar string broke the silence. It echoed off of the still walls, reverberating back to them. For the crowd was silent. Another note and the crowd cheered. The lights were flickering on and off. It has happened once again, a great concert beginning, and a sad ending. The singer came onto stage out of nowhere, just falling out of the ceiling as silent as a ghost. No one was expecting this: she had nothing to help her get down except gravity and her weight. She landed on her feet and, in a low breathy voice, sung the first note almost silently as her emo voice rung out, strong and clear, against the shocked-silence of the crowd, and the hypnotic noise of the background. She was mischievous in ways no one knew, and, yet, every guy fell for her and every girl envied her. She was Night, and this was her time to shine.