Authors note: New story. I hope people like it. This doesn't mean I'm not continuing "The Life of a Twin". I'm just so frustrated with that story I can't even put it into words. So I guess in a way, this story is my way of letting it out. Please enjoy.

Chapter One

Shy, Pathetic, Little Girl

I didn't ask for my new life. I didn't ask my mom to become one of CEO's of Lawrence Paper Products. I didn't ask her to divorce my dad just because he drank. I definitely didn't ask her job to transfer her from the little town of Oakland, Connecticut to the busy city of Phoenix, Arizona.

I guess I seem just a tiny bit selfish. I have good reason though, very good reason.

I'm shy. I'm horribly shy. Ever since I was three, I knew my shyness would be the death of me. Someday, I'll be sprawled out in a gutter because someone said hi and I…freaked. I just can't stand the thought of moving to another state, again. For, this isn't a first.

In every city, I never fit in. Somehow, someone at school always labels me a "whore" and for the rest of the school year, everyone thinks I'm pregnant. I guess people who don't talk have to be hiding something. But I'm not. I just like to be alone.

So here I am riding in my families cramped SUV, just waiting for my new life. I didn't ask for this hell. It just came knocking. Then it broke in, stole my identity, and laughed. Yeah, that's what it did.


"Mary, did you get the glassware out of the truck? I can't find it."

"Mom…I only got my stuff. It must still be in there…ask John to look in the back."


My hip was currently shoving the wood drawer to my newly finished dresser as my eyes rolled. My mother was an incompetent bungler when it came to moving. She always labeled every box to make certain she could find it at our new dwelling. And yet, every time without fail, she seemed to misplace several of our boxed possessions. I knew I was never going to see my container of Barbie's again.

"Found it!" I heard her scream from the first floor.

"Knew you would…" I murmured lowly as I began to put my room in order. It was very nice sized room. It had two small windows on one wall and then an adjacent massive one. The closet is little diminutive but then, my clothes are too. I am a rather short girl.

I was busy organizing under my white and ivory green bed when I noticed that a tree lie outside of my huge window. A small smile spread across my face as I quickly crawled out from under my sleeping quarters and walked over to the glass windowpane.

It was a willow tree, looking rather ancient and depressed. Its roots were rising up out of the ground, looking like an old woman's hands. Its light green leaves were swaying in the mild wind. They looked like my hair: droopy and tired. But I liked them that way, I did.

"Mary! Get down here, we have neighbors!" I could hear my mother call while I was fixating on the old soul.

Oh hell. Already?! I can't stand people who don't give us but five minutes to move in. They probably have cookies, freshly baked from their new stainless steel oven…

"Look," my mother said as I walked to the front door, a fake glow in her annoying voice, "They brought pie."

I just nodded, looking at the steaming pastry before I turned to gaze at its makers. It was a man and woman of mid forties stature. They looked like the kind of people your grateful your not related to. They had these plastered grins and crazed looks in their eyes that reminded me of deranged clowns. As if clowns weren't deranged enough.

"We saw the U-haul truck and we couldn't help but stop by," the man said with an obvious southern accent.

"And I had this pie ready for a bake sale we're having in few hours!" the woman exclaimed, shoving the pie into my weak hands.

"You must have it. I made it out of my new stainless steel oven!" she added

I tried desperately to hold the laughter within me.

"Oh, we can't take this then. It wouldn't feel right," my mother insisted.

The couple shook their heads simultaneously as their grins grew even larger. My eyes widened. Suddenly, my appetite for the delicious looking pie had completely deceased.

"Oh no, you don't!" the woman said, even louder this time, "This pie is yours. I'll be damned if I don't let my new kin gouge it out!"

My mother laughed at this disturbing statement as I tried my best not to barf into the tart. The conversation went on for a little longer. I learned that they were Mr. and Mrs. Barker from across "the way", whatever that is, and that they had been here already for five years. I also learned they had a daughter named Julie who went to Kingston High, the school I would be going to myself.

After that, my mother was able to quickly thank them for the pie and promised Mrs. Barker she would try to join one of the clubs the frightening woman had mentioned. Lastly, my mom was able to shout goodbye and finally close the door.

It was just then that John returned from the basement. He had been busy caulking up a leak.

"Who was that?" he asked, rubbing his grimy hands on his old jeans.

"Neighbors," I muttered, "They brought pie." I then pushed the food I had been holding for a good five minutes into his hands and walked back up the stairs. My mom then decided to go on and on about the Barkers kindness and generosity. I could hear Oliver "gouging" down the pie, as Mrs. Barker had nicely put it, in the distance.

I hurriedly made it back to my bedroom. It was the only place I could shut out this new life. It would probably only make feel worse. Maybe that's what I wanted.


"Do you have your lunch?"


"How about…you're ugh…pack of pencils and pens?"




"I'm sorry; I just really want your first day to be good."

"Ask a girl if she has a tampon," Oliver stated with a chuckle, "That makes 'em wild, Marge."

My mother slapped my step-brother who was sitting in the back seat with her rough, callused hand as our car slowly approached the large high school campus. I slouched farther into the passenger seat as my hand clasped my backpack strap tightly. I could see students walking in the distance. They looked mean.

"They look mean," I stated blatantly.

"Mary, that isn't nice," my mom murmured, parking the car almost exactly in the front, "You know not to judge a book by its cover."

"I've never seen such an ugly cover…" I replied coldly.

My mother just shook her head, wiping strands of her dark brown hair off of her sweaty forehead. I just sighed loudly, hoping my mother would take me home, all the way home to Connecticut. Oliver didn't help my cause anymore when he abruptly popped the lock on the vehicle.

"Come on Mary, she's got to drop me off too," he ordered.

I glared back at Oliver, his blonde hair shielding his bright, sky blue eyes. Although at this particular moment, they looked like a devilish green.

"He's right Mary…once we get Oliver's car, we won't have to go through this. I'm sorry but, you'll have to go on your own."

"Please mom, I feel sick," I begged further.

"Mary," my mom sternly said.

I knew better than to continue the disagreement. Slowly pushing the door open, I plopped out of the car. No sooner had I grabbed my backpack, my mother zoomed off down the road to deliver Oliver to his new academic environment.

As I pushed some of my waist length hair out of my face, I could already hear people's snickers. There was a group of girls ahead of me, just pointing. No one had the decency to even hide their discontent.

"Hey," a boy murmured, pinching my arm from behind me.

His hand felt like an ice shard, plunging into my pale skin. My already huge eyes enlarged even more as I whimpered a little, quickly hauling away. He laughed as I began to trip over the sidewalk.

"What a bitch," I could hear him say to his pals as he paced up the school's marble stairs. I just quivered as I walked in his direction, not even caring. I just had to survive. My only hope was that this goal could be achieved through utter and complete silence.


"Hi, I'm Leon."

Well, to hell with that plan.

I quickly closed my new yet decrepit looking locker as I turned to the figure with the deep, inviting voice. I wanted to see what this person looked like without giving him the ability to see me. Stupid, I know. Brushing my hair behind my now red ears, I glanced up.

He was a pretty sort of boy. He had black hair, as was mine; however, his shined in the florescent lighting. Mine, on the other hand, just looked like limp pieces of dark straw. He had tanned skin that reminded me of caramel candies at Christmas. I could only gaze at his small lips as he began to speak again.

"So, how about it?" he finished.

"I'm sorry," my almost nonexistent voice murmured.

"I said are you ready…for me to show you around the school?"

I wanted to shake my head and say "No, I can find my own damn classes!" but looking at him I couldn't find any words. Instead, in an effort to not embarrass myself, I just nodded quickly and followed the rather tall boy.

"Oh, hey, sorry but I never got your name," he remarked as he gazed up at the ceiling.

I was just staring at Leon, trying to recall the name my mother had given me when I came out of her body.

"Mary!" I almost screamed when I finally came to my senses.

He laughed a cute sort of laugh, "Nice to meet you Mary…this is Kingston!"

I found his bellowing voice odd, for there was nothing majestic about Kingston. Right now it was just a bunch of empty, dirty hallways.

"Well, classes are in session right now so…here's part of Kingston," he corrected, "You're allowed to skip first period cause you're new. And as the Board of Instructors has so kindly bestowed upon me…I can skip to show you around. We both win, huh?"

I nodded.

"So Mary…where do you come from?" inquired Leon.

Thinking of his last question, I was on the verge of screaming "My mother's stomach!" but I contained myself just in time. Instead, I thought a moment and then spoke.

"I come from Lansing, Michigan…but that's not where I last was."

This made Leon glance my way for a moment, clear his throat, and then point to a random door.

"That's the music room. If you're someone just yearning to make lovely tunes…that's the place to be."

The last time I attempted to play an instrument, my cousin divorced her third husband. So I just nodded, knowing that room would never be one of my prospects.

"And that's the art room…and there's the home economics hallway. Oh, and those stairs lead to the football stadium…"

Leon continued on with this kind of talk for about another fifteen minutes. And even though I knew I wasn't going to join any of the clubs he had referred to, it was nice to have someone think I would.

"And the last hallway down there is for computer classes…and I think that's it."

Leon decided to let out phony exhale before smiling at me. I blushed deeply, hurriedly trying to hide my face.

"The cafeteria is near the math classes and that should be in about two hours. Maybe I'll see you around."

"Maybe…" I muttered.

An awkward silence ensued. Leon took this time to sigh again and then brush through his hair for the millionth time.

"So are you interested in any of the clubs or sports…or whatever?" he asked.

"The sculpting…the sculpting sounds nice. I…I…I've always liked working with my hands…touching…molding bodies."

My eyes enlarged when I realized what I had just said. Soon, apologizes and, of course, heaving followed.

"Mary, Mary it's okay," Leon reassured with chuckle, "I like…molding bodies too!"

Leon then decided to break out in laughter while pointing at me. I raised an eyebrow and then pursed my lips. He was laughing at me but it didn't hurt. It was then that I decided to like this boy.

"So anyway," he said, finishing up his last few giggles, "If you need, anything, anything just-"

And then, the dreaded happened. The bell rang. And like vultures swooping down for the kill, students began to submerge into the hallways. Somewhere along the way, a friend of Leon's showed up and dragged him away from me. I wanted to beg for his company but before I could even get a word out, he was waving goodbye.

So there I was, just standing, clutching onto my books so hard my knuckles almost bled. I tried to find the page showing me my second period class but in the rush of it all, someone grabbed it from me and used it as an old gum wrapper. I tried to remember what Leon had told me but my mind was at a stand still. Everything went blank.

"Hey, are you lost?" I heard a clear voice say in all the mayhem.

It was a dirty blonde haired boy with a conniving grin. Two other handsome faced boys stood behind him. They were all wearing football jerseys. At least the blue and white jackets looked like it.

"No," I lied.

"Well…you look new. Do you need to find your second period class?" one of his friends added.

"No," I lied again.

"Don't be scared," he said, oddly enough with a devious laugh, "My friends and I are seniors. We know this place with our eyes closed. We'll help you get to class."

I swear I tried to say no again but the boy, who looked more like a man, was already grabbing my right arm and pulling me through the crowd. He glanced at me few times to make sure I was still alive.

Finally, I arrived with him and his friends to a gray colored door. The hallways were still as loud as ever. I was just happy to be my classroom.

"Thanks…" I was able to mumble, "I should go now."

"Oh no, we can't have that. I would kill myself if the new girl wasn't escorted properly to her classroom. Let me walk you-"

"Gentlemen…what do we on this splendid day have here?"

The voice I heard sounded new. My shaking body hastily looked up to see a new figure. He was a beautiful creature. I can't honestly describe how beautiful he was…at least to me. To others, he might look like just a simple teenage brunette with a nice vest and bag yet to me, he was a wonderful soul with delicious blue eyes.

In my descriptions of men, I always end up sounding like a perverted old woman.

"Mr. Welles, nice of you to join us," the blonde boy said, in a voice that obviously meant otherwise. "We were just showing the new girl to her classroom."

"Really?" the boy named Mr. Welles murmured, "What is it then? Boy's Restroom Anatomy 101?"

My eyes widened as I glanced at the door. Sure enough, it was the men's outhouse.

This made the blonde hair boy who was still holding me frown as his eyes squinted in a furrowed little mess. He harshly let me go as he inched close to Mr. Welles perfect, rosy face.

"We were just going to have a little fun with the new girl…that's all."

Mr. Welles chuckled, "Now stop me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the enjoyment of fun be for everyone. I don't think being assaulted in a men's stall is what this new girl had in mind…do you?"

I clutched my jacket, feeling strangely undressed. The fair-haired guy and his friends glanced at me one more time before turning back to the lovely brunette.

"Fine…have her now. I want it later," the blonde finished in his slimly tone.

I don't know what "it" they were referring to. I was just glad to see them leave. After their departure, the hallways suddenly began to clear up and I soon came to the realization that I was still standing in front of Mr. Welles.

"Are you okay?" he asked as he walked close to me.

I nodded quickly.

He smiled, revealing his perfect grin. I would have to escape soon before I melted to the ground.

"We're not all like that," he whispered, "The jocks just think they can do any girl in this school…it's highly disgusting and should be reprimanded."

I nodded again slowly, backing away from this guy who just kept coming closer.

"Maybe I'll see you around?" he asked. He was so close I didn't even want to or could breathe. And as he began to lift his soft and warm looking hand, I had to flee.

I didn't even nod this time. I just ran. I ran as fast as I could to my second period, hoping somehow, in someway, it would bring me some peace. Peace of mind and a piece of personal space.


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