Dear Readers,

I knew when I wrote the ending to The Obsession of Love…you all would not be satisfied. I understand that several of you feel that I "rushed" the ending and that you didn't find any "closure". I think several people are irked that they didn't learn the secrets to the plot and that I pretty much completely ignored it in the end. Maybe that's why some of you are upset or feel my ending is…inadequate. And that's fine. But I disagree. I carefully planned out my ending. I knew it was going to upset people. But I don't think I rushed it and I do believe it can stand on its own. It was meant to not focus on the plot. And I think it gave an eerie ending to a rather eerie story.

I'm certain a lot of people think I'm kind of haughty. I'm okay with that too. I've learned that I can't control what people think of me. I try not to be haughty but usually when I try to get my point across people think I'm snobbish. If you knew me in real life or if you got to know me better over the internet, you would find I'm actually quite a cheerful and kind person. I'm quite the optimistic and I love to have fun! And, I love you guys. Yes, I'm sarcastic and I hate the environment but...I don't bite. :)

One thing I'm definitely going to improve with my future stories is grammar and text mistakes. Several reviewers confronted me with this flaw in my writing. At first, I was really depressed. I mean…I'm a grammar queen. I know I have grammatical skills and knowledge. So when I learned it was a major problem in my stories, it was hard for me to swallow. However, after looking over several chapters in this story, I've come to a realization. The reason I make these mistakes is not because I don't know how to fix them…it's because I've been rushing. I haven't turned in my best work. I really haven't. For this story, I rushed to get chapters out. I really just wanted to satisfy my reviewers. But in doing so, I've let you all down. I know I've told several reviewers that I'm in college and that I don't have time to check over my writings. I've learned now that this is true, I shouldn't post anything. I should wait until I know I have a well-written final product. Of course I'm going to have a few lingering mistakes. I'm an amateur writer… But still, I want these mistakes to be minor. I want to make sure nothing detracts from my story. So in the future, if you see numerous mistakes, tell me to slow down. Tell me "LightPrevails, I love your story…but slow the heck down. You're trying to do too much at once. They're more than a few mistakes in this chapter and I know that can only mean you're rushing. You can do better! Don't rush!" That would be very helpful. I wanted to say all this because I think I've offended some reviewers, such as Indigo. I didn't mean to offend you all. I just need you to know the true reason behind the mistakes.

I wanted to also thank you all again for this wonderful journey. You all are so amazing. I just wanted to a give a few personal shout-outs to certain reviewers who have really encouraged me to my best and who…just really loved this story: You guys are awesome!

So I guess…all in all...this author note can really only mean one thing.

The Obsession of Love will have a sequel. ....AND IT'S ALREADY UP!!!

Here is the link: .com/s/2831540/1/The_Last_Cry

Just make sure to add fictionpress to the beginning of the link.

Please read and reveiw.

You're Author,