"Dantae…Dantae…" I heard my name being called. I threw my hand over my head and groaned. "Dantae! Wake up!" I opened up my eyes and looked at my angel.

"Jo, honey, I love you but I have just traveled 4413 miles and made love to you twice," I smiled at that, "Why can't I sleep? Do you need more loving?"

She leaned down and kissed me, "No, but if you keep talking like that to me you, my love, will be receiving no loving for a day."

"A day? Why so short?" I asked as I move my hand down to her tummy where the babies are kicking into my side. I stopped and felt them moving and couldn't help but love this one for taking the kicks and punches from the inside on a daily bases. "Are they always this active?" I ask as I look at her tummy which was moving with the motion of the little beings inside.

"A day because I more than likely will not be able to hold out any longer. Only at night they like to move I can never sleep longer than hours but I love feeling them move. It lets me know that they are still there, safe and healthy….and hungry. Since I can't get up I need you to roll your amazing ass out of this bed and grab me some food. So honey I need you to feed me!" She tells me.

I started to frown when she told me she gets very little sleep then she went on and told me all that I couldn't help but feel content from what she said about them being safe and healthy and laugh when it came to the hungry part. So I did what my woman told me to do and rolled my ass out of bed. "All right angel what would you like from the kitchen?" I ask her with a smile on my face. I watched as she moved herself so she was lying spread eagle and looking at me with a smile on her face that I would do anything and everything to keep on her face.

"Ummmm, I want pickles and peanut butter," I made a face at that and gave her thumbs up as I walked to the door. "I wasn't done, my man." She said I stopped and turned to her with an eyebrow raised the truth being though that I loved that she called me her man. "I also wanted ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate. Please," she said with a smile.

"Alright," I said as I turned my back and heard her sigh as I turned my head she was glaring at me. "Where is my kiss?" I laughed as I walked over to her and leaned down and gave her the kiss she was asking for. Through I showed her how much I love her with it.

"Love you," she said quietly against my lips then with a smile she slapped my ass, "now go get my food." All I could do was leave the room with a laugh happier then I have been in a long time.

When I headed downstairs all the men that I had flown here with were still up and in the kitchen eating. "Would you look at that? The great mean Dantae has finally been settled. Now he comes to us with a smile on his face. I guess when you have women like Jo that's what happens." Said Lux all the other men started to laugh. I gave them the middle finger and said with a smile on my face, "Fuck you." What can I say he was right? I had not been myself since I brought Jo here all those months ago and I thank god because she had changed me for the better. I had missed her though and all I wanted to do was sit and hold her.

I walked over to a cabinet that I knew held a serving tray from the last time I was here and grabbed in it. As I went to the fridge I put on the marble counter and headed to the fridge. "Looks like Jo has a craving pickles and peanut butter," said Carlos behind me with a laugh. When I turned around all the men had a disgusted face on them. "Do not try to steal a pickle unless she gives it to you. I tried once and I swear she would have killed me. I still have nightmares about it," he said to the room at large and I snorted out as laugh. "Got to say though she never has had a craving as normal as strawberries, ice cream and chocolate."

"She is pregnant," I said with to him, "she asked I give and don't argue. I remember when Mama was pregnant with Lanzo. I am happy to say I learned from Papas experience about how scary a woman with child can be when they are told "No"." Armond laughed at that.

"I never saw father have to beg to be allowed in their room before," He said. To which I nodded my head.

"Exactly I just got her back. Give me a few weeks before I get kicked out of my room," I said. They all laughed at that. The truth being that Jo was too close to her due date to even fly in our jet so she couldn't be brought home. I was keeping a promise though she was going to have my ring on her finger and my name before our children made an appearance. "Armond, can I talk to you?" I asked my big brother. I knew he was going to go after Chris because Kyle told him that he would bring him to her but I was hoping he would wait.

I explained to him what I wanted done and he was willing to step on board and start to make the arrangements. I would do it but I already missed too much time with my babies and their mother and I was not willing to miss anymore.

I walked up stairs and into the room that I was sharing with Jo. "Josephine Elizabeth Gonzales! What do you think you are doing?" I ask her as I see her trying to roll over. She looks at me and I can see that her face is shiny with perspiration.

"I got to pee," she says with a glare in my direction. Was this women moody or what? "You were taking too long. So instead of standing there growling at me, Dantae, Do you mind helping me? Before I decided that your side of the bed looks like a good place to go?" She snaps at me. I sighed as I walked over to the side table on the side of the bed put the tray down and help her stand and watch as she waddles her way to the washroom. I cannot say how much I love her but if she is going to be this moody when she is pregnant it is going to be a huge age gap between our future children. I hear her sigh in relief and chuckle at her dramatics.

I walk over to my side of the bed and shed my jeans. I had to push them over my hard-on. Even her waddling was completely and utterly sexy towards me. I lie down and put the blanket over me not wanting her to see it we had already made love twice and she needed her rest. When she came out she smiled at me. Like she just didn't detach my head from my shoulder with her words.

"Did you bring my pickles?" she asks me. I smiled and patted the bed beside me so she can sit down and relax and hand her over the plat of pickles and bowl of peanut butter I brought up with me. Carlos told me last week that she lives on the combination. I knew she ate other things but when it came to it but I was worried that the pickles sodium content might be harmful to her and the babies so I made a mental note to call her doctor in the morning and ask.

I took a deep breath and breathed in the essence of here. Looking over I smiled at how happy she was just munching on a pickle and peanut butter.

She caught me looking at her, "Life cannot be any better than right now. The babies are moving, I got pickles and peanut butter and you are here with us." I snorted at this.

"Babe I understand the babies but I am not even before pickles. How cruel can you be?" I ask her as I get up and start to munch on her beautiful neck as she laughs at me.

I watch her eat and when she hands me the plate and bowl I put them to side while handing her the rest of what she asked for. She smiles as she pops the top to the chocolate syrup and pours it into her mouth. I watch as she closes her eyes and then opens them and leans down to give me kiss with a mouth full of chocolate. My baby wants to play with her food. Fine by me as I feel her remove the blanket from the bed as her mouth is still on me. This has got to be the most delicious and mess her mouth. I watch as she closes her eyes and then opens them and leans down to give me kiss with a mouth full of chocolate. My baby wants to play with her food. Fine by me as I feel her remove the blanket from the bed as her mouth is still on me. This has got to be the most delicious and messy kiss that I have ever had, coming from her though it was fun. When she raised her head and licked off the chocolate from the side of my moth I smiled and grabbed the chocolate and poured it all over her belly.

She laughed as I started to lick it off of her and when the chocolate started to make a path to her breast I followed. By the time I reached her breast I had the ice cream in my hands and topped off each of her breast and she gasped out loud at the cold.

"Dantae!" my girl wailed. I laughed at her as I licked her beautiful bounty.

"MMMMM, vanilla my favorite!" I said and she laughed. If I could make that sound a permanent fixture in our life I will. In fact that is my mission for this lifetime and the next. Her happiness. Our babies' happiness. My happiness. Our healthy happy family.

When I had her squirming under me I groaned every time I felt her skin make contact with mine. When her thigh would brush against my cock I shivered in anticipation. Finally I couldn't take anymore I placed a pillow under my girls tummy then turned her so she was facing away from me. I then test how ready she was and found her thighs wet with her wetness. I kissed her shoulder as I lined myself with her opening.

"I love you, Jo," I told her as I pushed myself into her. She groaned as I was filling her and I smiled against her neck as I felt the small quakes take her over as she tightened around me. She was so damn responsive.

As is started to thrust into her I could feel her start to tighten around me. I groaned at the feeling there was no place I rather be in fact if fi could stay here then I would for the rest of my life. Then I felt it her clamp down and call out my name.

"Shh, baby I got you. Come for me!" I told her in her ear. As I said this she went into another climax. At this I exploded.

After a while she was giggling against me. "I am all sticky. We need to take a shower." She said to me. I chuckled and I told her, "Come along then, mommy. Let us get all nice and clean."

After the shower I laid her down on the bed after changing the sheets and grabbing a new blanket. After all of that I went over to my pants and grabbed my jacket and took out the box from the pocket. I lay down beside her and took the ring out of box.

"I love you." She turned her head to me and smiled.

"I love you too. I loved you since I was a little girl you were my hero. Even with everything you were always the first I called and I had two brothers." She told me. I leaned in and gave her a kiss on her head.

"I don't want to be you hero," I told her. She looked at me startled, "I want to be you're everything your best friend, your loved, your hero, the father of our children, your man and most of all I want to be your husband. Marry me?" At the end of that she was crying and nodding her head like crazy while I slipped the ring that I had made for her on her finger.

After that I wiped the tears away from her eyes and hummed as she cuddled into me. She fell asleep with my arm under her head and my hand on her belly knowing that I was here for her for life.