"Same Blood Bred" "Same Blood Bred"
by Chustang

Hey excuse me for this
Before the point I might miss
Sharp lip that I've hated
to edge of annihilated
You looked down on me
I can see that, Mr. Misery

Like to grab you by the shirt
Love you, but you love her
Captured against will, what for
You bleed a human red
Cuz we're all same blood bred

You'll be out of style for sure
Come tomorrow, ashes in the fire
Dark with an impossible cure
You load the hate with lead
Cuz you can't accept we're all same blood bred

You dream of light, you say I dream of dark
You like the sugar, ignore it burnt dark
Spit at the grass where I laid
I'm just like you, I'm stardust made

Lost in the human whir
Don't know what to fight for
Are you just next to cull
Everyone grieves love shed
Cuz we've all been same blood bred

Alibi carousel broken down under you
In the rain, there's nothing you can do
Down the road, you see lights to find
Its me, dark still, silent, I give you a ride

Just for tonight, maybe to the end
Light no longer is your interal lure
You have no fear to break your law
Blood on the path, seen where it led
Just until now, cuz we're same blood bred