frigid flames, climbing high
singing my fingertips
ready to burn at fault of flaw
and drawing words from muted lips
buried down, beneath blue eyes
a fighter goes out strong
you wouldn't find me in a crowd,
i blend in with the throng
my status is theoretical
i don't know what they see
shut out, dark, the world stands still
waiting for one girl. me.
candles flicker, shadows dance
beauty stays intertwined
between the lies, the dreams, the rain
truth, i'll never find
i'll hold your gaze and take you down
till existence disappears
below the world, where trust is lost
we share our darkest fears
apologies are futile
severed ties, engraved in stone
shattered in one last stroke
revolution, whispered dreams
we close our eyes to pain
into reality, caught on fire
it's best to be 'insane'