It doesn't pay, to fall in love
One small step and you're, fallin' down
No, it doesn't pay, to fall in love
You get wrapped up and left to drown...

Everywhere seems so empty, now that you moved on
You wish I could, I wish that too, but for right now,
At least for right now, I'll just be content to sing the blues
And pour my heart out to you

Everyone seems so happy, clasping hands and pressing lips
Tossing hair and sipping drinks,
But what about someone else out there?
Someone else out there

Oh, it doesn't pay to fall in love
One small step and you're fallin' down
No, it doesn't pay, to fall in love
You get pulled in and pushed right back out

Then there came a time in, the seasons
Changing climate had influences on my reactions
I sat here patiently in thought and deep contemplation
Could this really be all there is to it?

There must be a reason for this sorrow filled love note,
I just can't explain why I could never say these things to you,
Directly in the face while I broke down in tears at how,
Insincere your eyes looked at me.

I guess that reaction was something I was not,
Hoping you would at least give me a chance.
But that's fine, I love you, I wouldn't have it,
Any other way, unless I could have you.

I might just be a, hopelessly romantic optimist lover,
But at least I know that this heart beating in my chest,
Is beating for the truth of it's feeling for a certain,
Girl that I know, who is not hard to describe as being,
Quite the beautiful one.

So I thought I would, wrap this up in another note or two,
Oh well it seems that is much harder to do,
When there's so much on your mind, well let me
Have an attempt at blowing yours clear
By saying

I never thought, it would pay, to fall in love so quickly
One more step and I'm fallin' into this grave, that I had dug
I sit here and wait, wait an hour, twenty-four, maybe even seven,
Just waiting, keep on waiting, till your hand comes to find me
And pulls me out to embrace me and take back those words you said,
Because in your heart, I know it is true.