(New kid.)

She's new in school

Yet not one cares,

For they think

She's nothing but an


Everyday she gets ignore

More and more.

You catch one look at her

And start to think

Poor thing.

(A new change.)

Next day,

You see her getting bullied,

And go to help her out.

You tell them to leave,

Anger in your voice.

They stop their harsh bulling

And turn to leave.

You turn around to check on her.

She's scare, hurt and crush.

You say in your head,

Poor thing.

(Better life?)

At that moment,

You decide and

Become her friend.

She smiles at that,

Looking like she's thinking

Her life

Is getting better.

You smile back,

Stilling thinking

Poor thing

In your head.

(Her life at home.)

As days go by,

You see

What she has to got through.

A broken life at home,

With one parent dead,

The other a alcoholic.

No siblings,

Nor even a stepfamily.

Only her

Alone in a house of pain.

You look at her home,

A small broken home,

Thinking poor thing.

(Her other life.)

The other part of

Her broken life,

Is at school.

She's failing class.

Still getting ignore,

And worse,

Getting bullied.

The only good part,

Is her having

One friend, which is you.

You think

Poor thing.


A month gone by,

You noticed a change in her.

She seems angry

At all those who bullied her.

A feeling of hatred

Towards them.

She says she wants revenge.

You turn to her

Saying nothing,

Only to once again think

Poor thing.

(It's raining.)

The next day,

It's pouring hard.

You don't see your friend anywhere.

Later at lunch, you see her walking in.

She's wearing black baggy jeans

Along with a heavy black jacket.

She sits down, across from you,

Saying and doing nothing,

Only looking down.

Once again you think

Poor thing.

(Not good.)

At the table in front of you two,

Is full of girls, who love to gossip of other,

Turns to see your friend and talk

About her right away.

Making fun of her, right behind her back.

Then one goes towards her and

Whispers, loud enough that you can hear, in her ear

"You really shouldn't even be alive."

Once again, You think

poor thing.

(Not good at all.)

She goes away, leaving you two alone.

You turn to your friend,

Asking if she's okay.

She says nothing.

You ask her if she needs to go to the restroom,

She says nothing.

The girls start making fun of her so loud,

The other tables can hear.

Then, in all less then a second,

Your friend stands up and takes out a


(Revenge is here.)

She screams bad things in a voice

Full of nothing but anger

And hatred.

You stand up, screaming at her to drop the gun.

She doesn't listen

And pulls the trigger.

She first shoots the girl

Who whisper that cruel thing

In her ear.

The only security guard runs out to get help

While others get shot.

You only look at her,

In both horror and shock.

(Darkness is here too.)

You look at the shooting,

Knowing it has to stop.

You run to her and she stops, shock.

You quickly grab the gun,

Yelling at her to stop.

She yells at you "Let go!"

You yell again "Stop it! You let go!"

You two begin to fight over it.

You try to take her finger s off

But instead hear a pop, felt quick pain, and

Follow by seeing pure darkness.

(The end?)

You're dead.

Your ghost looks around the cafeteria, standing next to your empty shell.

Luckily, many didn't dead.

But you did.

You hear a female screaming.

It's your friend. She looking over at your dead body,

Crying and screaming "Why!?! Why did I do this!?!"

The police come in and arrest her.

One looks over at your corpse and says

"Poor thing."


Got inspired from thecat111's poem poor thing. You guys should read it! I'm also thinking of making a sequal to it. I also made this for a powerpoint in my computer class. I hope i get a good grade on it altought i edited this one more. Also the bold things are ntohing, it's just in the powerpoint i used them for the cover thing at the top of the slides. Review if like.