Take away my senses

As one by one they leave,

I'll forget every feeling

Every sensation

Until there are none –

No memories, no emotions

Nothing left to call my own.

So push me to rock bottom

And stone me 'till I bleed

I don't want to see how high I can fly

But how far I can fall

Let go

You have no reason to hold me

Let go

All I want is to be free –

Not entangled in your web-lies of love

Not ensnared in the false hopes of care


To know you never gave a damn

And not have to pretend to think you do

How could I have been so stupid

To start to believe…

Go away

Don't drown me in your artificial love

I'd prefer the love of a robot

For at least artificial is real to him

Go away

And when you return, I will be there

Nothing will be there